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Police Name Christmas Day Shooting Victims, Killer Still On The Run

Police Name Christmas Day Shooting Victims, Killer Still On The Run

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has released the names of the five people who were shot dead at a shopping centre in Mhondoro by a Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officer on Christman Day.

The victims are Ignatius Kumire (39) of Village 2, Circle G, Turf, Yolanda Mwale (28) of Village 1, Wanganui, Mavhure Makiwa (22) of Village 2, Wanganui, Godknows Takaendesa (25) of Village 5 and Motion Chanaka (30) of Village 2.

Two other villagers were shot and seriously injured and are still admitted at Chegutu Hospital where their condition is reported critical.

The soldier and his colleague had gone to drink beer at Wanganui Business Centre in Mhondoro-Ngezi when the shooting incident happened.

He was armed with an AK47 assault rifle holding a full magazine of 30 rounds of ammunition.

While at the bar, the suspect was confronted by one Brian Mutero who accused him of proposing love to his 14-year-old daughter.

An argument followed between the soldier and Mutero, resulting in some villagers joining in.

The soldier then tried to flee from the scene but several villagers pursued him whereupon he fired two warning shots in the air.

When the pursuers did not back off, the soldier fired randomly resulting in the death of the five people and injuries to two others.

ZRP national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi on Monday said investigations were still in progress and the suspect had not yet been arrested.

The weapon is yet to be recovered as well. Said Assistant Commissioner Nyathi:

Investigations are still in progress and the suspect who has since been identified is still on the run. We are still looking for him.

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nhamo mangai 5 months ago

Unless he was shot at by the villages that would be self defence not shoot to unarmed civillian he should ran away anothe note was why was he drinking with a service rifle to civillans bar .he should have gone to their messe quater that's we're they can carry their fire arms not in civil places

123 6 months ago

That's military police (MPs) jurisdiction boss. This was clearly an act of self defense. His life was under threat and he still fired warning shots. Those "victims" wanted to do him harm and now he's the bad guy because as a nation we have decided to hate the military.

123 6 months ago

Someone please explain to me the definition of self defense as per the constitution because to me this looks like it

Dubs Magehlegehle 6 months ago

There many questions to be asked: What was an armed soldier doing amongst civilians?Zimbabwe is experiencing lots of armed robberies,who allows these armed men to roam the streets with deadly weapons?

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