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Police Launch Operation Targeting Illegal Transporters In Bulawayo

Police Launch Operation Targeting Illegal Transporters In Bulawayo

Police in Bulawayo have launched an operation targetting public transporters operating from undesignated points in the city.

Police say that have impounded 21 buses, 45 commuter omnibuses and 15 private cars since the operation started two days ago.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Bulawayo Province, Inspector Abednico Ncube, told journalists on Friday that the impounded vehicles were taken to Ross Camp Police Station while the drivers were arrested. He said:

Most of the vehicles we have impounded are not registered or have outstanding fees with the city council.

For them to be cleared, they will have to undergo inspection by the relevant authorities.

Insp Ncube urged members of the public and bus operators to desist from operating in undesignated areas.

He reiterated that the police shall continue with the operation until order is restored in the city.

In Bulawayo, long-distance bus crews pick up and drop passengers along Bulawayo–Harare Road, Leopold Takawira Extension opposite Centenary Park and along Bulawayo–Plumtree Road at Jonh Love Motor, among other undesignated points, thereby disrupting the smooth flow of traffic.

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Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

@ZRP mukusiya mbavha chaidzo anaKuda Tagwirei varipanze, makuti nanga-nanga nenyaya dzisina basa. Plus makavasunga munoti vanhu vanozofamba nei iro ZUPCO racho risiri kugona basa

strings 1 month ago

siyai vanhu vatsvage mari

Mmmm 1 month ago

Pain and suffering for the public commuters while thieves are running rampant in the city.

gogodera 1 month ago

batai mbavha dzetumushika shika dzinotorera vanhu mari

1 month ago

🔫🤠 1 month ago

batai mbavha dzezanu sai vana

Anti Rotten Zanu 1 month ago

These so called operations are for the zrp chefs self enrichment and nothing else. For those vehicles to be released there is some greasing of hands with the bulk of the money destined for chefs and only a few bond notes receipted. After that you see those police in their tattered uniforms and shoes asking for free transport from us. As for me i tell them **** yenda unokwira ka Ford kenyu ke Zanu Republic Police.


bhuru 1 month ago

ko kubata mbavha dziri kutiza negoridhe ma 6.... kg...,nanga nanga nevarikutsvaga kurarama,,,,,ko mukagara muCharge office kasi hamutambiri here,,,,,tinyareio please

Sorojena 1 month ago

We knew it will happen when the Zupco buses hikes their fares in the background of cheaper and faster competetors. The operation is just to save poor Zupco services.

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