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Police In Gweru Ban Carrying Of Weapons Until Year-end

Police In Gweru Ban Carrying Of Weapons Until Year-end

Police in Gweru have banned the carrying of weapons such as machetes, knives and catapults until year-end in a move meant to curb crime which is now rampant within and around the district.

In a notice issued on Tuesday, 20 September, Officer Commanding Gweru District, Superintendent Tambudzai Gumpo, said the ban is with effect from October 1 until December 31. she said:

The following weapons or items capable of use as weapons namely, catapults, machetes, axes, knobkerries, swords, knives or daggers will now be banned for a period of three months that is from 01 October to 31 December 2022.

Last year, police in Gweru and Gokwe banned the carrying of dangerous weapons in public for three months to contain violent crime in the two districts.

The weapons that were banned included machetes, axes, knobkerries, knives, daggers, catapults, spears, and swords.

The prohibition ran from June 14 through September 14 for Gokwe while for Gweru ran from June 22 until September 22.

Police sternly warned that those found on the wrong side of the law would face up to six months in jail.

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Sorojena 4 months ago

Zvimwe wo....can an axe be equated to a weapon?... the tool is essential for hewing wood for making domestic fire and we use it for clearing land for crop cultivation.

Billey 4 months ago

kumusha hakuna magetsi totema huni using axes, review yr ban

Chief inspector 4 months ago

The axe you have in mind is not the one meant. Maybe they should have been specific.
Its not an axe for wood cutting but those small portable ones. If you have been around or in mining towns or where there is a gold rush, there's this concealable axe used nemagweja.
It comes out of nowhere mukatanga hondo

Klux kk 4 months ago

Why ban them for 3 months only not foever? Remember we will be holding elections next year.

Machiavelli 4 months ago

This is a very commendable initiative by the Police in Gweru. Given the rise of maShurugwi in the Midlands especially, as well as the increasing incidents of axe-killer crimes, I sincerely hope that ZRP countrywide will emulate this stance and roll it out to the post election period in 2023.

Jembi 4 months ago

Saka ndikatengawo banga, machete demo kana rekeni yangu ku bulawayo ndinouya nayo sei kuno Harare zvavabhana maturuzi ebasa ayo mu Gweru? I understand those weapons are not banned in Bulawayo, kwekwe and along the way to Harare. Help me guys what would be the defence if I encounter Zanu Republic Police along the way, am travelling tomorrow

NHUBU 4 months ago

as long as you bypass gweru, you will be in TROUBLE with yo axe, Banga and rekeni kkkkk


Gweja 4 months ago

Ko kumakomba tozvidefender sei

ED 4 months ago

Run with yo life

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