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Police Give Reasons For Banning CCC Rallies

Police Give Reasons For Banning CCC Rallies

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has rejected allegations of unfairness in implementing provisions of the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act (MOPA).

Police have been accused of being unfair towards opposition parties and civic society organisations (CSOs) by banning their planned events on the pretext that they failed to meet certain provisions of MOPA.

On several occasions, police have blocked opposition CCC rallies and planned protests by CSOs but ZANU PF events have never been disrupted.

ZRP spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told NewsDay that some of the reasons opposition rallies and protests by CSOs are blocked include their failure to employ marshals and to stick to scheduled times which threatens peace and public order. He said:

There is a difference between notifying and working on the security modalities with the police if you are to go by MOPA.

There are certain parameters which conveners of meetings, public gatherings and demonstrations have to comply with on their part.

Merely notifying does not mean that a person has fulfilled all the conditions that are outlined under MOPA.

The public must be adequately advised on the security measures they have put in place when they want to do some of these gatherings in consideration of the rights of others.

It is not just a matter of notifying and ending there. There are security considerations that have to be made by the conveners.

When they go to the police and are told that they have not met these security considerations, they start complaining.

Last week, police invoked MOPA to block a CCC by-election victory celebration in Glen Norah and also banned an event that had been scheduled for 22 July by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC).

CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said it is not true that the party does not adhere to the requirements of MOPA. She added:

Rather, when we do invoke the provisions of this statute, we are met with flimsy reasons for the banning of our rallies such as the fact that there isn’t enough manpower or misrepresentations, and that someone else is using our chosen venue when this is not true.

What is beyond doubt is that the playing field is not free and fair, but that will not stop us from escalating our nationwide mass mobilisation programmes.

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Wamambo 1 week ago

Monyepera ani munoti tiri vana vadiki here mazanu

Ghost protocol 1 week ago

Uchamama chokwadi tochoxiva nguva yapera tarira nguva uchatiudza answer

taneta 1 week ago

everytime panongonzi you did not meet security considerations why? manje gwendo gwuno hameno

2023 1 week ago

ino tongwa nevene vayo

Doug 1 week ago

How do they know that the party will not stick to the time schedule a will not have enough marshalls before the event takes place? Is security of the ordinary citizen not the core job of a police force or service?

Cde hondo 1 week ago

Usanyepa iwe. We fought for democracy not for zanu pf.

cde chingwahachigutsi 1 week ago

selective application of law..... all ZANU pf rallies are allowed and none of ccc....even a blind man can see tht biasness


MuSabatha(SDA) 1 week ago

The struggle shud continue amaZimbabwe.. Lets expose them at every corner. We will surely get there. What the regime does in the dark, the people shud expose in the day. Now the police has been forced to find ways to defend itself...they will have nowhere to hide... Aluta continua more turning back...the regime has to fall..

Tit For Tat 1 week ago

CCC must pay for the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.If your masters don't remove sanctions there will be no enough rallies for you.Remove the sanctions and we will treat you gudha gudha.ED Pfee

Rhodes 1 week ago

Sanctions are not new my friend. Rhodesia was under sanctions from the motherland but you needed $2 US to buy 1 Rodesian Pound.

wangu 1 week ago

mfana uri door t rembwa

MDU 1 week ago

All the violent demonstrations are associated with Chamisa and his CCC followers.Ban all thier rallies.ED Pfee

Black By Public Demand 1 week ago

Everytime i see a gathering of Chamisa's followers i am reminded of the lootings that took place in 2018.They only gather in order to loot.2023 ED Pfee

Mai Ro 1 week ago

Ngatirambei takabatana vanhu vashe. Zanu inoda kukuparadzanisai kuti igowana mukana wekudzvanyirira nekuba hupfumi hwenyika. Vashomanane ndivo vari kuba vachiguta asi isu ruzhinji tichitambura. Porisi irikushandiswa kunyararidza inzwi reruzhinji rwevanhu rwuri kutambura. Ngatienderere mberi nekurwisa hutongi hweumbimbindoga hwechihurumende che zanh...#tirikutongwanembavha

Naughty But Nice 1 week ago

Chamisa ngaaite marally ake pasocial media.Kana asingade ngaaregere.Vanhu vano tengesa zvinhu pama flee market vaka pisirwa zvinhu nevanhu vaChamisa ava.ED Pfee

Bricks 1 week ago

Ccc is serving the interest of the west ,kungonzi form a shadow cabinet Neve ganda jena woto teedzera ipapo.Ban all their rallies.Zimbabwe is not a British American subsidiary.ED Pfee

We Control The Security 1 week ago

When ccc gathers, the leaders encourage the people to be violent,or there is going to be looting.We want peace in this country.They are so barbaric.Ban their rallies

Power 1 week ago

Chamisa has the sanctions to his advantage,we have the state machinery to stop his rallies.ED Pfee

Eye Tell 1 week ago

Put Chamisa behind bars until sanctions are removed.Ed pfeee

Dallas 1 week ago

Zanu Pf must change laws that make it difficult for Ccchamisa and his NATO sponsored part to operate.Treat him like zelensky who is friends with NATO so is Ccchamisa is friends with nato.Just like Putin is reducing gas supplies to Europe so must Zanu Pf reduce the playing ground of Ccchamisa.ED Pfee

Gedion 1 week ago


Nahoreka 1 week ago

Black by public deman, Tit for tat, Naughty But nice, Bricks, We Control the securiy, 'Power, Eye tell, Dallas.... Munhu mumwechete dununu ririkupona nekubira vanhu nehuori. Changing pseudos to appear like many are against ccc and the peoples movement...kkk.

Majority Rule 1 week ago

Zanu is insecure that's why they are using the police and army.God is God it shall soon end . Rallies can be banned but the fact remains the same, people are no longer interested in zanu pf

Naughty But Nice 1 week ago

We cannot be ruled by a gay movement called ccc.The late Tsvangirai in 2013 admitted that they wanted to change the Constitution to accommodate gay marriages.ED Pfee

Putin 1 week ago

Zanu Pf can never be intimidated by ccc.Even if you win do you honestly think that Zanu Pf will hand over power to ccc.🤣

Anaristi 1 week ago

Chamisa has been frustrated enough that his level of intelligence is fast deteriorating.

Deep Blue Something 1 week ago

I have tried to imagine Chamisa being in in power without any success.But i have friends who eat nyemba every day and all of them have the imaginations of Chamisa being president.Kwana wadya nyemba

Electoral College 1 week ago

In the states even when the majority of Americans vote for Trump, it's the Electoral college which consist of about 538 people which will vote for who they want.The vote of the majority doesn't matter.In Zimbabwe it's the vote of army that matters.Please learn to deal with that.

Mboma 1 week ago

Idzo mboma dzaka batwa nemapurisa idzo dzino Shanda zveshuwa kune vanoda kumanikidza kuenda kurally ye ccc ivo vasinga ende kunoona vabereki vavo

Gondo Harishaye 1 week ago

I think banning Chamisa's rallies is in the best interest of Chamisa.Ccc has a sheet of wood which is supported by 4 bricks on each corner which they call a stage, now there was that embarrassing moment when their stage fell.

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