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Police Dog Mauls Man’s Private Parts

Police Dog Mauls Man’s Private Parts

A Beitbridge man, Proterge Kwangware, narrowly escaped death after a police dog mauled his private parts.

Police officers did not send him to the hospital despite the law stating that people should be treated for dog bites even if the police dog is vaccinated.

The police officers apparently unleashed the dog on Kwangware last Thursday to avenge the assault of a policeman by the suspect.

The issue started as an altercation between Kwangware, a known habitual criminal, with a friend identified as Bright Mapfumo in Dulivhadzimo Township.

An off-duty policeman, Energy Chisora, who was clad in civilian attire, started filming the incident with his mobile phone.

This did not go down well with Kwangware who then slapped Chisora.

Chisora retaliated and the two started exchanging blows but after realising that he was losing the fistfight, the police officer fled to his car with Kwangware in hot pursuit.

Realising that he could be assaulted further, Chisora then produced his police identity card and Kwangware let go and the fight ended.

However, about four days later, police officers kicked open Kwangware’s door while he was in bed with his wife.

The officers unleashed their dog, which mauled him all over his body and his manhood.

Speaking before Beitbridge resident magistrate Takudzwa Gwazemba on Friday where he successfully applied for bail, Kwangware said:

I was in bed and did not resist. I was at their mercy but they let their dog have a go at me.

They failed to control it and it even bit my privates. It bit me all over and they failed to control it. I held its jaws apart to avoid further harm.

The State represented by Pithey Magumula had opposed bail saying Kwangware was likely to commit other offences.

Magumula brought to the court’s attention that Kwangware had a pending case and had just finished a community service sentence.

Kwangware faces an assault charge for allegedly beating his friend.

He was also charged with malicious damage to property for allegedly damaging Chisora’s car during their fight.

However, the magistrate granted the suspect $10 000 to allow him to receive the treatment he was denied by police.

Kwangware was asked to come back to court on 14 July.

More: The Standard

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