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Police Constable Sells Mbanje From Camp

Police Constable Sells Mbanje From Camp

A police constable stationed in Headlands was arrested for allegedly selling mbanje/marijuana from his residence at a police camp.

Shingirai Enock Tapatapa (29) and his alleged accomplice, Taurai Maruwa (27) appeared before a Rusape magistrate for unlawfully possessing or using dangerous drugs.

Tapatapa and Maruwa were remanded in custody to 9 May when they appeared before Rusape magistrate, Lucy-Anne Ndiraya.

They are facing charges of contravening Section 157 of the Criminal (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23.

The matter came to light after Maruwa was arrested for assault on 28 April. Prosecutor, Tawanda Karikoga, said:

The suspect was searched by the arresting police officers and he was found in possession of a small black bag containing 19 sachets of loose dagga.

During interviews, he indicated that he was given the dagga by Constable Tapatapa to sell on his behalf.

He also revealed that the cop had packed the dagga. The suspect further revealed that the police officer was also in possession of some dagga packed in a black plastic bag in his room.

Karikoga said that the police officer was arrested the following day when he reported for work.

He told the court that Constable Tapatapa was summoned to the Officer-In-Charge’s office where he was informed of the allegations against him. Said Karikoga:

Assistant Inspector Kasange, Sergeant Chikwature and Constable Govha escorted him to his room where a search was to be conducted.

On arrival at the doorstep, Tapatapa told the three police officers that he was missing the keys to his room.

He was searched and a sachet of dagga was found in his pair of trousers’ right pocket. The key to his room was also found in the same pocket.

A search was conducted and a black plastic bag containing loose dagga was recovered from Tapatapa’s blankets.

The recovered dagga was taken to Rusape Post Office where it weighed 920 grammes. It will be produced in court as an exhibit.

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tanakastyle 1 month ago

the gvt is not paying enough

Assistant Inspector Paul Nyathi 1 month ago

This was stage managed to tarnish the good image of the ZRP.Its social media peddling lies.The ZRP wishes to inform the public that no such thing happened.I deny it like Peter did to Jesus.Our officers are well paid and the gvt makes sure that all their needs are catered for.We don't sell high grade weed.No Skunk.No Malawi.No Hydro...

Thank you.
Paul Nyathi

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Then you call for a stay away when the workplace provides for such side hustles. Be serious

tox 1 month ago

ah zvakaoma shuwa

aaa 1 month ago

🤭🤭🤭 zvkaoma shuwa aaaa hameno DIRA RIZARE hko 🥃🍾


Chawabvunza 1 month ago

This shows how far citizens are suffering. Police Officers now sell mbanje in Police Stations to augument meagre salaries..


🚩 1 month ago

Mbanje chete, mumacamps kotengeswa diamond, gold zvema exhibits zvinongonyangarika.

😖😖 1 month ago

ane nzara

Asalif 1 month ago

paheading pic ndanga ndisina kuona kuti pane maplambi emisoro yeskank good staff 🇯🇲🇯🇲

Gange 1 month ago

Ndamaona 😩😩😩

P. I 1 month ago

Whatsapp 0779806151 you
will get help.

Wanna get married but have to delete my FB account 1 month ago

Good people. Is it possible for Facebook to delete an account for me. I have tried logging in but in vain. The problem is that l no longer remember/have the phone number l opened the account with.

262 1 month ago

very true

ndeip 1 month ago

inbox me ma details acho ndiyiite delete account yako

Asalif 1 month ago

kkkkk waiposter mamemories une mamwe mababie asi waiita zvemaSugar Mummy bamnini FB Haina chainotadzisa munhu hunhu hwako ndohunofarira kuchinja coz u are now married if all married ppl would do so dei FB isisina vanhu just respect your wife and marriage period

Enock Tapatapa 1 month ago

officer in charge wedu akandimaka coz ndikuita mari kupfuura iye
i drive 3 different cars pacamp iye haana motor
anobva arwadziwa nesikiri randinoita rekupanda mari
ihave a very good wedding which was sponsered by big guys in zanu pf stryctures
officer vakati toda kukuwachisa mari urikuona kup

Enock Tapatapa 1 month ago

its true drugs are sold by syndicates,we are fighting on our bosses plea,plus akuna jeri rembanje
inini judiciery yemuno handiitye zvangu with 700usd tobuda clean sheet kucourt

dnt ever worry abt me choitika ndechekuti vanondichinja station chete ndikaenda paChivhu apo same skill ndongo supplier chamba ndakanyarara
ndingamirire 24 000 rtgs ndopenga here ED akutipa nzungu

Kanda 1 month ago

were the hell did you get the phone you are remanded in custody or you want to be that Russian drug lord who still run his Kartel while in prison and he is betting that he will come out he is serving a life sentence but I mbinga 💸💸💵💴💶



Stalin 1 month ago

Why the **** would i vote for zanu pf VOTE FOR CCC

Asalif 1 month ago

haaaah zviriko here izvi

Dzedzi 1 month ago

he is trying to supplement his meagre salary, who in Zimbabwe is living honestly

STALIN 1 month ago



😣this is bad

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