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Police Block PSMAS AGM For Second Consecutive Year

Police Block PSMAS AGM For Second Consecutive Year

Anti-riot police stopped a Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) annual general meeting (AGM) from taking on Thursday.

This is the second time in as many years that the PSMAS AGM has failed to take place. Yesterday police did not give reasons why they disrupted the meeting.

Civil servants’ representatives were chased away from the venue of the meeting.

Addressing journalists, the civil servants questioned why the Government wanted to take over the entity despite it being wholly owned by civil servants.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA) president, Enock Dongo, described the disruption of the AGM by the police as hooliganism. Dongo said:

It is only prudent to give members the chance and opportunity to hold an AGM so that we can discuss the issues.

We are aware that besides government, there are also challenges as far as PSMI is concerned in terms of abuse of funds that we are hearing, which we want to confront at the AGM.

If we are blocked, where exactly are we going to vent and say what we want to say? This is the only platform where we can discuss these issues.

We are now very convinced that government has a hand as far as the problems at PSMI and PSMAS are concerned.

If not, they should allow us to have an AGM so we ask these boards.

We understand PSMAS’ AGM was supposed to be conducted last year but it was stopped by the same government.

If there is anything that they wanted to do, they should have done that over that year.

Reports suggest that public service officials have been pillaging PSMAS, PSMI and some of its investments, hence concerted efforts to block the AGM.


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Mmmm 1 month ago

And the police are not ashamed of themselves.
We are living in a police state.
Freedom lies in the power of our vote.

Register and vote 2023.

Justice 4 All 1 month ago

I advise the aggrieved party to get legal advice & approach the courts .
An interdict on the Police/Proxy will assure the former of free access & their right to meet & associate.

Observer 1 month ago

The courts have become an oppressive machine like the police.
Such is the life we live in Zim.

jojo 1 month ago

cry my beloved Zim

Anonymous 1 month ago

Inyaya yei

Hallmark 1 month ago

Are civil servants forced to join PSMI

Ed 1 month ago

Why dd zanu police stop th meeting.. Let's vote zanu oout


Tkt 1 month ago

This is one of the good reasons why I chose to quit that job!
Yes, because of such fuilish hooliganism
Nxa, Stuupid poor cops

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