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Police "Aware" Of Residents' Complaints About Chitungwiza Shootings


The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) says it will thoroughly investigate the shooting of two civilians by police detectives as they exchanged fire with a robbery suspect in Chitungwiza on Monday.

Chitungwiza residents have complained about the shootings after the victims, who had nothing to do with the suspected armed robber, were critically injured by stray bullets.

In a post on their Twitter page on Thursday, 30 June, ZRP pledged to probe the incident, saying they will not seek to hide anything from the public. Reads the post:

The ZRP is aware of the complaints by the residents of Chitungwiza in connection with a shooting incident where two people were shot.

The police assures the public that investigations on the alleged misconduct by the police will be thoroughly investigated and nothing will be swept under the carpet.

In a statement on Tuesday, Senior staff officer, press and public relations, assistant commissioner Paul Nyathi said:

Police received a tip-off and located the suspect at Taita Shops. The suspect noticed detectives approaching and drew an Airgun pistol from his jacket (and pointed) it at the detectives.

In response, the detectives fired a warning shot into the air and later shot towards the suspect (but) missed him.

The suspect dropped the pistol and fled into the bushes where he got into an unregistered red Honda Fit vehicle and drove off towards (the) Chitungwiza-Hwedza Road.

After about an hour, it emerged that the bullet which missed the suspect had hit Tashinga Mugwara and Pamela Muchazorwei.

The two victims sustained serious injuries and are currently admitted at Chitungwiza Hospital and Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, respectively.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police deeply regrets the unfortunate shooting of the two and urges the public to quickly move away from crime scenes, especially when armed robbers are confronting police.

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putin 1 month ago

­čĄú­čĄú­čĄú­čĄú­čĄú­čĄú­čĄú­čĄúzimbabwe hanzi quickly run away from the scene

bvanyangu 1 month ago

bullets are faster than people running away kikikiki.

sorry 1 month ago

sorry not related to this article guys ndokumbirawo kubvunza panyaya yarobert Sylvester Kelly manga muchingoti kunonga sipo zvinomborewei

sorry 1 month ago

okay okay thanks

Tintin 1 month ago

he should be aware of being raped in the happens in prisons.

r.kelly 1 month ago

arikuenda kujeri hey.. f u know u know.. kunhonga sipo unowana nyoka yapinda mumwena

bullet 1 month ago

hanzi mhanyai kutiza bullet..don knw how fast 1 can be ­čĄö­čĄö­čśź­čśź­čśź

Magistrate 1 month ago

The suspect pointed the pistol to detectives.The detectives fired a warning shot mudenga.Is that possible and feasible?

Ginious 1 month ago

phorisi yakadhakwa

bvanyangu 1 month ago

shameless lies

bvanyangu 1 month ago

the advice for people to run away from bullets only shows how our police force thinks, kikikikiki.


Ginious 1 month ago

ma offside enyu mapurisa akanyanya.maspike enyu,teargas,pfuti zvokuvadza vasina mhosva.paruzhinji musaridze pfuti dzenyu pliz.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Warning shotsÔÜá´ŞĆ­čöź are very necessary unopfura munhu ane fake weapon instead of putting his ass(a s s) in jail

mama Bee 1 month ago

muchiri kungonyepa nanhasi riripi sango ramuri kutaura imi

Bright 1 month ago

Mapurisa anyanya ma mistake ayo umm uya akaurayisa vanhu ne spike fti

Bright 1 month ago

Zvanyanya pataita apana sango musadaro so

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Police should have admitted from the beginning [ ab initio ], that the detectives should not have fired at the suspects who obviously were taking cover with the citizens. It also seems detectives fired first before the suspect fired first. In actual fact, there is nowhere it says suspects fired at police detectives. Senior police officers handling this case now can not dispute that detectives fired into the air first, still vdetectives can not answer why they then fired into the crowded space when criminals had not fired at them. Detectives should face the law either criminally or disciplinary.




dispenser 1 month ago

Maybe armed robber pointing gun Kumapurisa angaachida kuona kuti ivo vane pfuti here, AA A A. confused .Ivo ndoku shooter warning shot mudenga armed robber akaratidza pfuti kwavari. Haaa maiwe kanhi ndoitaseiko kuti ndinzwisise.

mwenewazvo 1 month ago

kkkkkk usazvinetse nekuda kunzwisisa chero wanzwa chete.dzagara nyaya dzacho hadzinzwisisike nekuti dzinodzoka dziine imwe version

dispenser 1 month ago

panerimwe armed robber akati nursing ndodakumbotiza

dispenser 1 month ago

sorry I mean ndodakumbotizira Ku Honda fit

Sca 1 month ago

Divided we fall, united we stand, Let us unite and vote for CCC in 2023.

Sca 1 month ago

Chawabvunza mukoma wangu.

Dexveko 1 month ago

Mistakes are common but not in this tym.Police officers must be professionals,this means they took a drunken police to arrest suspected robberies.Kana kuti vaisina basa nemaCivillians sezo vagara vachivashungurudza vachiziva.

Crankshaft 1 month ago

They lack tact, hava kwanise ku breajer shape kupusha trolley since pari pa shopping mall. Tsotsi rinowona kuti ago natikitivha nema suit asina kana grocery or paperbag. Nvavaoe mabasa akadi to trained tactical unit soldiers

Jay tee (lyrist) 1 month ago

They are allowed to be in plain clothes for such scenarios dzekuti vafanane nema civilian vabate mabhinya akarivara asi ivo pikerere nema suit anoonekwa ne even the most ignorant criminal kuti pano paita matikitivha

Mr Politician 1 month ago

papi pacho paaive achamhanya kumba kunopfeka plain clothes agodzoka zvimwe zvinhu fungawo so formal it's oky asi kt vakakurumidza kuonekwa chete n these culprits they smell danger

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