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Police Arrest Alleged Victims Of Gutu Violence

Police Arrest Alleged Victims Of Gutu Violence

Police at Mpandawana Growth Point in Gutu District in Masvingo Province, have arrested two CCC activists who were allegedly attacked and left for dead by suspected ZANU PF supporters two weeks ago.

The two, Tinotenda Makumbe (20) and Jervas Makumbe (45), were allegedly abducted at Mpandawana Growth Point on 22 November 2022. They now face assault charges.

They were assaulted by a group of armed ZANU PF supporters, made to lie in a pool of sewerage and left for dead.

Human Rights lawyer Martin Mureri confirmed the arrest of the two Makumbe siblings saying they will appear at Gutu Magistrates Court on Monday.

Tino and Jervas were attacked two weeks ago when suspected ZANU PF activists unleashed an orgy of violence at Mpandawana Growth Point.

The thugs went around the Growth Point armed with knives, catapults, and stones beating up people with suspected links to opposition political parties.

The Makumbe brothers reported their case at Gutu Police Station on the day that they were assaulted but Police refused to open dockets, reported The Mirror.

Police only gave them a request for a medical examination but they were allegedly turned away at the local hospital after an instruction from ZANU PF not to give them medical help. | The Mirror

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1 month ago

ZANU chiwororo

Asalif 1 month ago

Joseph Mudziwapasi former R.M.S mechanic now runs his father's butcher is culprit #1

confused 1 month ago

­čśé­čśé­čśé­čśé rohwai muchanaka gore rino

Bright 1 month ago

A nhai imi kusunga vanhu vakarohwa here a azviite ka izvozvo ma sanction ouya moti yowe awirei yaa zanu your days are numbered

pk 1 month ago

vakarohwa vadporcher doro kubar ndokunyeba kuti ipolitics

pk 1 month ago

tisu riri kutonga.

stage managed event iyo. ccc wanted attention from commonwealth delegation

Bright 1 month ago

Remember kune vaimbirira vakazenge vazopfeka majuzi eruregerero paya ka

King 1 month ago

kumanikidza povho

1 month ago

We are tired of hearing this tired story where Zanu Pf thugs assault innocent citizens and then they turn around and say the events will have been stage- managed Hapana chisingaperi Where are the likes of Mwandiitawepi Chimene Jonso and company now? At one time they thought they had Zim in their pockets The world is watching!!!

Yyy 1 month ago

The world is watching truely....

ccccv 1 month ago

ED I wonder kuti haasi mwana satan here


ccccv 1 month ago

ED I wonder kuti haasi mwana satan here

ccccv 1 month ago

ED I wonder kuti haasi mwana satan here

£ 1 month ago

haasi mwana wa satan but muzukuru wa satan uye ndiye achagadzwa nhaka yaechigaro cha satan kana satan afa

kkk­čśé­čśé­čśé mafunnies 1┬ámonth ago

chaiwo regai tikupei mawoko­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ

­čĹĄ 1┬ámonth ago

hazvina hazvo kuipa chimboitai zvenyu

UN 1 month ago

It will come to an end. Zveryone should Document all these

Hhh 1 month ago


chimbuya 1 month ago


SADC 1 month ago

Document every case, even after 100yrs the justice will be served. Everyone should have a record of who did what to who and when?

Dzvamu 1 month ago

Even Zanu people know justice will catch up with them next year for sure

MuSabatha(SDA) 1 month ago

Zimbabweans suffering the burden of carrying their own cross. Most high will surely hear our cries...

Cde hondo 1 month ago

Document every case and names of police officers who refuse to open dockets so that they will face justice in their own capacity in a new Zimbabwe coming soon. Mhosva hairovi

So 1 month ago

It shall come to an end.... The world is watching

Gggg 1 month ago

Police yosunga vanhu varohwa sei,???

1 month ago

@Gggg that is ZANU Republic Police standard operating procedure

Ndimba Ndimba 1 month ago

Captured police, arresting the victims leaving the perpetrators what's that? Are they not Zanu Republic Police, but they will regret this **** behaviour very soon. !!! ! !

kkkk 1 month ago

kufira mafufu segonzo rohwayi stereki mufe kuti fiii.asi kana muchiluma good for you mofira zviripo.ini handichada zvokuotiswa.

Chiurai 1 month ago

Kungoti Zanu pf thugs hadzisi news. This is a community. People know each other. As long as you don't name names it's fake.

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