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Poachers Kill, De-horn Black Rhino

Poachers Kill, De-horn Black Rhino

Poachers recently killed and de-horned a black rhinoceros at Chipinge Safari Camp.

ZRP spokesperson in Manicaland Province, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, confirmed the incident to The Manica Post saying the decomposing carcass of the black rhinoceros was found on 12 October. He said:

Poachers sneaked into Chipinge Safari Camp armed with unknown rifles. They proceeded to one of the water points along the Chidimayi River on the safari where they shot and killed a black rhinoceros.

On October 12, the informant who was on patrol in the company of fellow game rangers discovered the carcass of the black rhinoceros about 500 metres along Chidimayi River.

A trail of blood was seen emanating from the water point along the river to the place where the carcass was discovered.

The carcass was inspected and it was discovered that it was notched on both ears.

It was also observed that the poachers used an unknown sharp object to remove the horn.

Checks were made with Zimparks records and it was established that the black rhinoceros had a Notch Number 1481, first recorded in 2015.

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