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Pius Jamba Not In Our Structures - ZANU PF

Pius Jamba Not In Our Structures - ZANU PF

ZANU PF has distanced itself from Pius Jamba, who is accused of killing and mutilating CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime, Beatrice, saying he is not in their structures.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday, ZANU PF political commissar Mike Bimha accused CCC of staging acts of violence to draw unwanted international attention to Zimbabwe ahead of the Commonwealth Heads Meeting scheduled for Rwanda. He said:

I got some reports that the culprit got apprehended and the culprit is in no way one of us, and what I gather is that the opposite is true of those people who had been attacked first.

Bimha said President Emmerson Mnangagwa had ordered ZANU PF members to shun violence. He said:

When we had our last Politburo meeting, one of the things that the President said was to condemn any acts of violence, that the party does not condone violence because it does not bring anything… there is no room for violence because we don’t benefit from anything.

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N̟y̟i̟k̟a̟ k̟u̟n̟h̟u̟h̟w̟a̟ n̟h̟a̟m̟o̟ 2 weeks ago

V̟a̟t̟u̟n̟g̟a̟m̟i̟r̟i̟ v̟e̟d̟u̟ H̟a̟v̟a̟n̟a̟ m̟h̟a̟k̟a̟ m̟h̟a̟k̟a̟ t̟i̟s̟u̟ c̟h̟a̟t̟i̟n̟o̟r̟w̟i̟r̟a̟ c̟h̟i̟y̟i̟k̟o̟ k̟a̟n̟a̟ p̟a̟i̟p̟a̟ n̟g̟a̟t̟i̟i̟s̟e̟ m̟i̟s̟o̟r̟o̟ p̟a̟m̟w̟e̟ t̟i̟g̟a̟d̟z̟i̟r̟e̟ z̟v̟i̟n̟o̟ t̟i̟k̟a̟p̟o̟n̟d̟a̟n̟a̟ a̟c̟h̟a̟g̟a̟d̟z̟i̟r̟a̟ p̟a̟i̟p̟a̟ n̟d̟i̟y̟a̟n̟i̟k̟o̟

Mukanya pazvese 2 weeks ago

I wish it was a Jamba himself speaking under no juress

Hayas 2 weeks ago

Nekwaari uko he will definately not speak under durex..

Griso 2 weeks ago

Ccc🔶️ pple lives matter.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

So CCC inohwinha here ma elections or haizvikwanise because ikubvuma kurohwa kuurairwa vanhu ku abuswa kunyeperwa and many more ichangobvumazve to be rigged. It seems weak to stand against Zanu pf. They are cry babies, they cry foul everytime

HouseCleaner 2 weeks ago

P. J. is an embarrassment to the party and is therefore not in its structure anymore.

Changamu changamu 2 weeks ago

Zanu pf inokushandisai kuuraya vanhu kana zvaipa inokuramba now wakumira wega.
changamukai varume wako ndewako kwese kwese


Maparamuro 2 weeks ago

Murikutambirwa bhora musango makatarisa nokuti hamufunge ma zanu.
Hakuna gvt department irikuita basa nekuti nyika yese yaneta nemi.
Mapurisa vakamhanya kutaura kuti it's not politically motivated as though they are an arm of zanupf and imi vacho makatsigirana navo pane kuti muvamhanyise kuita ma investigations ekukuchenurai.
Brain hamusisina muzanu

factos 2 weeks ago

Zvinoramba Amana Nhai Umm 🤔

Chawabvunza 2 weeks ago

I could have missed it, but followed this incident of Moreblessing murder with keen interest. I did not hear where it was mentioned that Pius Jamba was a ZANU PF activist. I heard that his half brother, Chisango, was in the district structures of ZANU PF. This has not been confirmed either. Cde Bimha deliberately avoided to confirm or deny that an alleged Member of Parliament and a Councillor who disrupted Moreblessing funeral and ordered that it be relocated in St Mary's are in ZANU PF structures or not. These actions by these two triggered the heinous disturbances in Nyatsime in which many houses and shops were torched.




dispenser 2 weeks ago

Manje muchapedzisira mavakuti Ed haasi we Zanu sezvamakaita kunana Jonathan moyo

Smart City Concept 2 weeks ago

Lawyer Job Sikhala made allegations about Zanu PF thugs involvement in the murder of Ali.He will be given a chance to prove his allegations in court. If he doesn't have the evidence he is going back to Chikurubi Motel.

mama Bee 2 weeks ago

@mwenewazvo.Hanzi ndeve Zanu ndonga😇

mwenewazvo 2 weeks ago

ehe tazvinzwa Pius haasi wenyu ko vakaenda kunodzinga vanhu kumariro ndevani

Ed 2 weeks ago

Zanu has nothing more to offer than violence chete.. Yapera

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

Tongomuramba sezvatakaita Sybeth Musengezi. We do everything at our disposal to clean ourselves. Pius was hiding at our HQ strategising

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