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Pius Jamba Murdered Moreblessing Ali, Police Confirm

Pius Jamba Murdered Moreblessing Ali, Police Confirm

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed the arrest of Pius Jamba, who was the main suspect in the kidnapping, murder and mutilation of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali.

In a statement released on Thursday, 16 June 2022, ZRP national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said Jamba murdered Ali on 24 May near Chibhanguza Shopping Centre and hid the body in a bush.

Police said that so far, they have not found any evidence suggesting that the murder was not politically motivated. Asst Comm Nyathi said:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms that Pius Jamba was arrested in Chidamoyo area, Magunje on 16th June 2022 in connection with the callous murder of Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime area, Chitungwiza on 24th May 2022.

Initial investigations have established that Pius Jamba killed Moreblessing Ali after dragging her from Chibhanguza Shopping Centre, hid the body in a bush and went to his parents’ homestead. He took a kitchen knife and a sack and went back to the bush.

The suspect then cut the body of Moreblessing Ali into pieces and made several trips to the well where he eventually dumped the body.

Investigations are underway to find out if Pius Jamba acted alone or in connivance with other suspects.

Police investigations have so far not found any political link to this sad and heinous crime.

Asst Comm Nyathi said Jamba will be appearing in court soon.

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Mazibuko 1 week ago

Police an not be everywhere but canbein a specific area of crime. Pavakaudzwa kuti Ali was taken by violence they could have searched the whole area even interrogating residents but they just heard the incident and treated it like any tea time news. Vaiti Jamba haasi kuonekwa but the moment Alis body was found hewas arrested, this show kuti someone knew where he was all along but didn't do his job avana basa evanhu vanhu àva.

Mazibuko wasei igusi 1 week ago

Mlotshwa mazibuko


Mazibeka 1 week ago

Don't say zrp is a diligent party. They are not the one who discovered Ali s remains its pius Jamba s mom. If you want to see how useless zrp is, birwa or hurairwa munhu kana kuti une hama isingaonekwe. They do nothing, for example what are they doing about that tsodzo schoolchild who went missing, why are they not a resting the headmaster, why is the Ministry of education mum over the issue? The are probably waiting for someone to stumble apon that child s remains like in more blessing s case. all along why were they not apprehending this Jamba? They were hoping kuti Dai akasionekwa Ali then Jamba will be free, unfortunately akaonekwa, saka vakangosunga zvekuti hâta otherwise they will find a way yekuburitsa Jamba uyu. We have no police here in Zim only traffic manning thieves. I bleed in my heart when I think about the tsodzo school child who is still missing. I know that someone some day will stumble apon his remains kana kuti vakamuisa muacid vamuuraya mapurisa. Headmaster we chikoro Ichi muroyi. Une mushonga that's why vanhu vaneteranyaya iyi.

Neighbourhood Watch Member 1 week ago

Hezvo. The police cannot be everywhere sniffing around. They necessarily work with the public. Arrests are a result of information provided by the public.

inspector gagdet 1 week ago

Elementary Investigation Procedure
did the suspect confess to the murder?
does the suspect have legal representation?
does the suspect have an alibi?
is it true he handed himself over the police?
how far is it from Chibhanguza to Nyatsime?
when was the suspect last visit his mother?

Asscom 1 week ago

go to the crime scene and do your own investigations

😖😖 1 week ago

Zanu piii efuu kuuraya munhu iwe uchigara muchirugu chenguruve. unoitiswawo iwe muYouth. vachakuitisa maZanu apa nebla nket hauna

Tentin 1 week ago

The planning and execution of Jamba's goal was so meticulous, I am convinced this is not his first murder case. He is an expect killer.

Tintin 1 week ago

grammar nazi ... beautiful... keep it up king of the serpents.

The King of Serpents 1 week ago

@VYBEZ...... Please don't be a grammar nazi, everyone makes spelling mistakes

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

@Tentin, the correct spelling is "expert" not "expect". Lessons in English spellings could help you overcome your shortcomings in this area. No doubt !!



charlie charlie 1 week ago

Zrp have admitted the lilling was politically second para of the story..statement by Asscom Paul.Nyathi!.."police have not found any reason that the killing was NOT politically motivated!..statement actually says there was a political motivation in the killing!.

Billboard Of Public Opinion 1 week ago

What a good observation. Thank you, we are currently compiling those statements from the zrp initial report regarding the incident.

Dr T 1 week ago

Wataura iwe..ende watopedza



Blue💙 1 week ago

But eye witnesses initially said Ali was bundled into a car which then sped off. Was Jamba alone,? was he driving? After all, the fact still remains that Ali was a CCC active member. So why arresting Wiwa Sikhala for he was representing a family which was seeking to know who killed their daughter?

Porisi 1 week ago

Ali was dragged into the dark. Bundling into a car was the CCC version to support the kidnapping claim.

muzimbo 1 week ago

why did he decided to dump the mutilated body , at his parents homestead,?

Blue💙 1 week ago

It's Ali's spirit which pushed him to dump the body there. Yatove NGOZI mumusha iyi. Mai Jamba vabakirwa moto nemwana wavo Jamba.

Tentin 1 week ago

Why did he make several trips to the well when we were informed that Ali was cut into 2 pieces? We expect 2 trips only.

Porisi 1 week ago

Changamuka iwe mu civilian. This is proof that he was working elon!

Porisi 1 week ago

What makes you think he carried body parts on each trip?



Porisi 1 week ago


Chawabvunza 1 week ago

ZRP is a hard-working police force. So far they have done a wonderful job of arresting Pius Jamba, for murdering Moreblessing on 24 May 2022. Police have so far established that the murder was not politically motivated and that Chisango was not involved in the murder. Police have to establish who triggered the Nyatsime disturbances. They still have to tell citizens if indeed ZANU PF's Member of Parliament and a ZANU PF Councillor visited Moreblessing Ali's house and ordered that her funeral be transfered to St Mary's suburb. If they did on what basis if Moreblessing Ali was not one of them, what business did they have to order the transfer of the funeral and bar those who wanted to attend the funeral service. These MP and Councillor must be arrested for stoking the disturbances in Nyatsime during which time many residential houses and shops were torched.




God heal Zimbabwe 1 week ago

it's my prayer that one day our beautiful country will be healed... I pray that we as Zimbabweans value human life and embrace one another despite political differences... it's my prayer that we as a country will look up to Jehovah for solutions to the problems we have

Hameno 1 week ago

Dai Ivo Ana mahere vasina kuiita
kuzviita political zvaingorova mhondi ngaibatwe Chero iyo ichizi va hayo kuti ndeye zanu that doesn't matter Mwari ndewemunhu wese time shall tell



Bvapa 1 week ago

@💙/🔵 chemukuti chamai Vako. That's why yo wife is a harlot koz you r a fool.

Bvanyangu 1 week ago

Situpeti.Mai vanohodhesa chepakati.

Tentin 1 week ago

This case should be considered prima facia - it is callous predetermined murder of passion.

STRAIGHT 1 week ago

Inongori nyaya yekuti makashaya pehwanda vana Blue 💙. Haazi Ali oga amakauraya. Check with the list. Blue 💙 alias Zhantali

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

in kwekwe we know you killed for ritual things imi vanhu be ccc ndimi mhondi hombe

Parasite 1 week ago

l don't think the story is political. l think it's a love that gone bad. Jamba uyu anenge anga akandirwa panze na more blessings. Muface akati if we go down we are going down together.

Chomboel 1 week ago

Pavai danana vanhu two ava paiva pasina zvekuti Zanu Pf/ccc,vorambana nekurwirwa nyaya dzavo matanga kuti uyu ndiwe kwakati heee zvikati,gati siyei zveku hura varume vakadzi,zvine makuva kubva kare kare kusina zvese izvi, politics dzaveko idzi hadzina musoro

Pius Jamba 1 week ago

😭😭😭 Asi zanu pf musadaro shuwa ndofira mahara here apa hapana kana chandaka buda nacho muri inosara ichidyeyi hee

Swiss 1 week ago

Shame she died a painful death. RIP MoreB

1 week ago

Celestial 1 week ago

word bro BLUE is full of shi t igonye rinovava mbwa

Celestial 1 week ago

Be4 aenda mkati ngaatange taura munhu akamutuma

Da Truth 1 week ago

Greetings Zimbos.The truth will set us free.If this killing was done to silence then the motive was weak and far fatched.In modern Zim every action is scrutinized bcz pple are fedup and tired.It is time that teaches all.The change is here jump crawl,spin,shake ,twist and screen the end is near so close .Zim is evolving to a new country imaging from the ashes of economic under development.We are not going back watch and see winds of change blowing in Zim ..The truth is hard to swallow but the time has come.Too late change is in the house .

BABA VA BLUE 1 week ago

Bi tch blue mwana vangu uri mhat a dai usina kupoya mu **** pasina **** rinonz BLUE iwo ma DNA aya akatiparira I'm ashamed to call you my son usauye kumba nhasi

Blue 💙 1 week ago

A psychopath haridi any goading or kutumwa. Don't look for political connection when there isn't any

Red 1 week ago

@#Blue unedzungu blaz. PachiMarawai unonzi 'anapura'. We are dealing with political fire fighting and damage control here. This game is for amadhodha sibili not blue eyed boys who wait for handouts such as caps, regalia and scarves. It's not for myopic political lilliputians. If u want a lecture on how Zanu kills and says it's not us ask Zapu and Zipra cadres. If u want the killing and torturing historicity of Zanu ask Mai Mujuru & the descendants of Josiah Magama Tongogara. Heros perished in the jungles of Buhera in Bhinya road ana @ Blue ukuhumana kunge chenjimani. Haisi rate iyi. IZanu ndeyeropa.

Boreholes 1 week ago

That's the beauty of democracy. And conversely let those who support other parties do so freely. This is why such democracies as in UK, Germany, Australia their citizens freely express themselves. In Harare you will find lots of guys donning Zanu Pf regalia. Exceptionally few will walk the breadth and length of Harare streets in opposition regalia specifically in CCC colours. But come election they will secretly vote Chamisa. The people u c moving today are technic-savvy & the majority are literate if not learned. U can intimidate,waffle about sanctions,rehe**** about the war,drill boreholes and give them chicken inn. They will eat & vote CCC. U can lacerate the intestines of M.Ali but the remnants will vote CCC. Zviri zveOpposition @Blue unosvotwa ukarutsa they will hit more than 2.5 million votes. Kana unenharo enda paSupport Unit apo along Acturus road.Zanu yako yakazvamburwa ipapo. Kana pama boreholes veCCC vanenge varipo nemascarf nemazambia but pavote apo.....

Blue 💙 1 week ago

I'm a staunch, unshakable supporter of Zanu PF. I will die supporting it cause all it does is for the greater good. It's for peace and stability. l will not side with the scum-villainy of the CCC puppets. Mahere exposed her political naivety and desperation. Trying to tarnish the image of Zanu on every turn, manje she has been humbled.
Pamberi ne Zanu PF, pasi ne CCC, MDC kana MRP

CCC 1 week ago

saka party ye Zanupf irikupinda papi

Putin 🇷🇺 1 week ago

what a coward u are not man enough why the killing Pius RIJ ,Ali RIP hallelujah God bless you all

Zinja 1 week ago

Achataura zvese zvakaitika. Ndiwo matangiro avanoita vachinyepa. Vanenge vachitsjndidzwa kunzi unozorasisa President but pazvinozokora munhu anozotaura chokwadi.

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

Let the law take its course and justice prevail

charlie charlie 1 week ago are rather less enlightened in the english language...actually the police have admitted that the killing of Moreblessing was politically motivated! second paragraph what Ass com Paul Nyathi said...or maybe its him who got carried away by word "not"..."police have not found any evidence to suggest that the killing was not politically motivated!"...this statement actually saysa there is a political motivation!..

Blue 💙 1 week ago

Police investigations have so far not found any political link to this sad and heinous crime

Hanty it's still going on, rege tione if they find anything. However, from early signs, it's obvious this homicide was personal by the way Pius butchered the girl. He's a whack job, one real pscho. Don't look for political affiliation. You won't find it, cause there's none. Wakazara propaganda mumusoro yekuti everytime a CCC supporter dies it's Zanus doing. Everybody dies baba.

vanotenga zvigumwe 1 week ago

@blue did police said the murder was not politicaly motivated? anedzungu ndiwe urikutaurira police zvaisina kutaura.....

Blue 💙 1 week ago

Word bro. Apa vana Mahere vanga vatoiita political. I always say this, CCC is soo quick in making issues political. Hona manje, dzungu!

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