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Pindula Introduces Payments for Nyaradzo Monthly Premiums

Pindula Introduces Payments for Nyaradzo Monthly Premiums

Pindula has introduced one of the easiest ways to pay for one’s Nyaradzo monthly premiums.

The Pindula App, which can be used even when one doesn’t have data, allows Nyaradzo policyholders to pay for their premiums using EcoCash.

Now policy-holders can just download the Android app, and make their payments preventing the risk of ever lapsing.

The payment can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Download the Pindula app on the Play Store using this link.
    You can also download the APK directly here:

  2. Once you have installed the app, open it and click on the “Airtime & Bills” option at the bottom of the screen

  3.  You can then click on the Nyaradzo button

  4. You can then your policy details:

  5. Next, you click on “Pay Nyaradzo” to make the payment with EcoCash.


The payment will be effected immediately, saving you the time you would have spent physically visiting a branch to make a payment.

Pindula makes this possible as part of Techzim

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Bamnini 5 months ago

Ini ndinayo bt inongot buy airtime pebills tiisireiwo comment section kuapp tichiwonawo marespont evaverengi pamapost amunenge maisa uye hakubude maadverts

Naison doro 5 months ago

Ndodawo ku joina nyaradzo ndoita sei

E Buri 5 months ago

iro eachekeresa hhahahaa maya

Fortune Muchuchuti 5 months ago

This is truly another level, thank you Pindula and your partners

Doroguru 5 months ago

@Pindula wauya hot hot wena🔥🥵

Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 5 months ago



Thando 5 months ago

What a move Pindula, excellent.

Thando 5 months ago

What a move Pindula

Abigail Muvuni go 5 months ago

VePindula Tinotenda chirongwa yayaya

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