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Pindula avails free advertising on its website to local small businesses

Pindula avails free advertising on its website to local small businesses

A note from us

We have availed the Pindula website to Zimbabwean small businesses to advertise for free.

Anyone can now register on the Pindula website and post their adverts to reach the readers in our community.

Of course, we can't show everyone's adverts at the same time everywhere on the sites, so the actual discoverability of adverts posted depends on a couple of things such as the interest in a product in the market, the price given by the advertiser, and the competition on our platform for that kind of product.

What we have seen over the past several weeks is that advertisers do get some generous leads from their free adverts here.

That said, businesses can actually track the performance of their adverts on the site to see the level of interest.

For the few businesses that just want to appear on the "front page" of our sites, there's a nominal fee of US $1 to show the whole day. It's payable in EcoCash automatically so you don't have to contact us to do this.

Why we have done this

Many Zimbabwean small businesses struggle to reach the people online. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are social networks first and charge US dollars for businesses to advertise. Paying USD online is difficult for small businesses in Zimbabwe to do.

We thought we would introduce an easier way for small businesses to reach the thousands of people that already read news on Pindula.

The main reason we do it however is to improve Pindula in general for the people in our community of readers here on the website and also on WhatsApp. You already use our platform to get trustworthy news and we thought it would be a good idea for you to discover trustworthy small businesses to buy from.

Because of that, we exercise a lot of moderation for the adverts posted. For example, we don't allow any gray area things like bitcoin ads, health supplements, and since a few days ago, civil servant loans. And once a Pindula community member complains about a business, we take it very seriously, follow up and even remove them from the platform.

So far, our readers are loving this, which translates into more business leads for the small businesses here.

As usual, we'd love your feedback and suggestions so we improve the product. It's early days so we seriously need this feedback as we build out the platform. Thank you!

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Many thanks Pindula 4 months ago

Many thanks Pindula

Sir king dejavu wejecha 4 months ago

Ngavaise ma actual price

The Accountant 4 months ago

Thank you very much Pindula news.. May you Please include the job section for job seekers and also for employers.


Limbikani (Pindula) 4 months ago

thnak you for the suggestion. We hope to introduce this soon.

Caasi 4 months ago

We, at appreciate it very much. It has helped us get more clients in the past few days.

Limbikani (Pindula) 4 months ago

We're glad it has been useful to you!
Thank you

Qw 4 months ago

Gudhu jobhu pindura,bhati mamwe ma edzi(ads) atinoona anenge asina inifomesheni yakakwana semifananidzo nemapraizi chaiwo,ndiwo atinofanira kupedzisira kuona,


Thando 4 months ago

Pindula is doing excellent

Havin' 4 months ago

That's a good move @Pindula

Munyah 007 4 months ago

Thank you Pindula the advertising section has been really good and people are enquiring more about products.

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