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Pindula App Has A New Version. Here's How To Download It

Pindula App Has A New Version. Here's How To Download It

We’ve been working on a new version of the Pindula mobile app and we’re excited to say its finally out.

You can download it immediately from Google’s Play Store as well as the APK on our website: (the link works even if you don’t have any data bundles  – Econet only).

Remember that if you have the previous version, you have to uninstall it before installing this version.

Here are some of the things in the new app:

  • The app has even more news – you can keep scrolling past what used to be the bottom of the list ğŸ˜Ž
  • We have made it easier to see the news that other Pindula community members are commenting on the most. There’s a separate tab for it labeled “popular news”
  • We have made the jobs section free to browse. In the previous version, you needed a subscription to view the jobs. The feedback you gave us was that this was limiting the usefulness of this section.
  • The mobile app will now update automatically to the latest version

We hope you like this latest version.

As usual, your feedback to us isvery important and we need it. What are we doing well and what are not doing well at?

Remember, if you use an Econet line, then this mobile app works even when you don’t have any data in your line.

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can't be installed 3 weeks ago

help it's saying app can't be installed

Patrick Xavier Gomezani 1 week ago

My Samsung M11 android 12 its not working. But the old app was working, I uninstalled the old app but new app still crushes

Chris 3 weeks ago

Uninstall the old one first,then try the new app it should work.

Chris 3 weeks ago

Maybe your device is not supported

Co founder 3 weeks ago

Well done the neww app is cool and user friendly

SC 3 weeks ago

It's wonderful

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

PINDULA you such a darling
kip on kipingit on 😍

one word to describe PINDULA guyz


Byo 3 weeks ago

Please tell byo city council to open water pipes it's been a week without water.

🚩 3 weeks ago

No Zesa to pump water to the reservoirs

Byo 3 weeks ago

@Hre yes,But they hv listened water is available now.

Hre 3 weeks ago

Only a week?


Can't open 3 weeks ago

Can't open after download I'm using A11 Samsung

factos 3 weeks ago

With an increase number of cases of people stealing other people's usernames. i would like to give advice to Pindula admin

A one time registration should be a must.
use sessions if possible

this will have the following advantages

1. Username uniqueness
2. reduced work of typing when commenting
3. No one will be able to still other people's name
4. This will help reduce violence or public hate such as tribalism, vulgar languages.

I am a qualified system developer
so i look forward you take my opinion seriously

User 3 weeks ago

Don't listen to him, you will spoil the app.

chris 3 weeks ago

It won't work,ask Twitter.

ZIMBA🇿🇼OG 3 weeks ago

Pindula a darling app

User 👤 3 weeks ago

Democracy is no censorship on people's comments. We agree to disagree.

. 3 weeks ago

keep it up

pindulaan 3 weeks ago

yangu yaita

pindulaan 3 weeks ago

ndava kunakigwa zvangu : nechinhu chadaddy: chinhu chababa🤣🤣🤣

osy 3 weeks ago

nice nice

Moyo 3 weeks ago

I updated the app I knw can't open it it keeps crashing

Fari 3 weeks ago

Munogona mhani... Keep it up

parasite 3 weeks ago

zvangu zvaita

Tollie Tunu 3 weeks ago

Thank you Phindula ,this is awesome

pakaipa 3 weeks ago


Patrick Xavier Gomezani 1 week ago

The new Pindula is not working on my Samsung M11 android 12, it keeps on crushing

Svosvai 1 week ago


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