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Pindula App Downloaded More Than 10,000 Times. Thank You!

Pindula App Downloaded More Than 10,000 Times. Thank You!

Close to the end of 2021, we introduced the Pindula App.

Now, less than a year later, we are happy to say we’ve crossed the 10,000 downloads milestone on Google Play.

We are grateful for your support in making this happen. It’s super difficult to build apps that work and even more difficult to get people to like and use them. So, thank you!

If you haven’t already installed the app, here are some reasons you might want to do it:

  • You can browse the news using the app even if you don’t have a data bundle (Econet Only)
  • Even if you don’t have an Econet line, the app has been optimized to use as little data as possible, making it one of the cheapest apps you can use
  • The app is only 3MB which means it doesn’t take any precious memory and storage on your phone
  • You can comment on the news easily from within the app
  • No popup Google Adverts on your news. Just news!
  • You can post your adverts to the Pindula Market to access our thousands of visitors using the app and other Pindula platforms every day
  • You can access new job vacancies in Zimbabwe posted to the app every day.

Once you have started using the app, please don’t forget to rate it on Google Play and to provide us with your honest feedback.

It’s the feedback that helps us make the app even better. Thank you!

Here’s to the next 10,000!

P.S. you can download the Pindula App on Google Play here: 

But you can also download the APK direct from our website here: 

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hgolvocibz 1 week ago

Pindula App Downloaded More Than 10,000 Times. Thank You!
<a href="">ahgolvocibz</a>

r.g mugabe 2 months ago

thank very much pindula, your app is owesome, but im asking for one more feature, wich is offline reading so that we save battery and read more.
l hope you will apreciate my request.

Tuta life 2 months ago

Yeah, the app is growing, however it is lacking forums. the other thing is, Pindula Market promotes both legitmet and scam products.

Nahoreka 2 months ago

...keep it up pindula...yu have been the missing link. On your 10000 downloads don't forget there are thousands of us users who share the app using sharing apps and other IT methods.

However, pliz improve on sports news and international news, also, do regular updates, it makes reading interesting.

😄👆👆👆 2 months ago



Maravaza 2 months ago

Pindula is quite a good interactive app, however it still has more room for improvement.

Bress Pumura 2 months ago

uri**** iwe basa reku supporter Zanu PF

Bress Pumura 2 months ago

uri**** iwe basa reku supporter Zanu PF

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Thank you PINDULA your app is so helpful am sooh addicted to it now, also i have found comfort and friendship with no strings attached in here 😀
I will keep sharing your app for other to join an amazing grace from your team ☝🏽❤

Mhofu 2 months ago

Thank you too Pindula.Its a great App.Pindula is very informative as one said especially if you do not have Data..
Stay blessed

Tafman 2 months ago

Thanks so much Pindula for offering us this informative platform. If you would offer sports updates and fixtures, we will hit 100000 in no tym

Jinn 2 months ago

Thanks Pindula,God bless

Mack D 2 months ago

when u add daily world soccer updates, fixtures and results ,you Will see more than 100 000 download

Anonymous 2 months ago

great app for those who cant afford data.
However if you press add multiple times it will send multiple comments especially when the network isnt strong

Hardleton 2 months ago

Just press once and wait for it to load. As you said, the problem is the network. It's not the App. If you press "Submit" multiple times you'll be sending multiple requests which will be 'filled' when the network kicks in.

Me 2 months ago

Excellent app, keep up the good work Pindula

Pumura 2 months ago

God bress pumura....

cute 2 months ago

handigone nemi

Baba Gumede 2 months ago

pindula you are doing a great job , please add soccer fixtures and livescores and you will get 100000 more downloads within a week .

Mai Gumede 2 months ago

Wakuda **** manje bhora rei unodya bhora

mwana mutema 2 months ago

pindula admin with due respect ,kindly summon or deactivate th post for chahototo he posted 54timed on news feed u previously herald check chahototo comments pakanz Robert Mugabe said iam a product of Zanu pf,i wud like to say its unfare to post 50comments

Gaffer 2 months ago

Kikiki kirikiti ki 😆

God Bress Pumura 2 months ago

Gaffer usaipindire wakuda ku ma ma manje

Gaffer 2 months ago

Bress pumura,ndiwe Chahototo, mature

God Bress Pumura 2 months ago

@mboko urimboko chaiyo kuda kuita whistleblower here tsvagai basa baba army iri ku recruiter

Mboko 2 months ago

Chahototo's comments have been deleted buh there is another person or it's him who used a different MUGABE ZIM ,has posted a comment more than 10times

Soul jah love 2 months ago

Vana Chahototo muchati bhu, vana Chasura
Ma comment ako to deleter

God Bress Pumura 2 months ago

itai mushe Matemai mutsvage basa futi imimi

Zelensky 2 months ago

God bress pumura, God bress ruvhevhe

God Bress Pumura 2 months ago

Zvauya sei izvozvo


@CCC National call for prayer and fasting for peace in progress...

Vote CCC MPs and Councillors

Mboko 2 months ago

Ah pindula admins are you the ones encouraging one person to same comment 60 times????

Go to an article about Robert Mugabe jr...I think an Ingutsheni Psychiatric hospital nurse just left her phone and one of the patients is proving that the pills are stabilising his mental,his doing at the hospital,I guess the doctors are very glad of his massive improvement..BUH PINDULA ISN'T THE RIGHT PLATFORM TO CHECK THE EFFECT OF PILLS AND INJECTIONS..

MAY YOU PLEASE BLOCK Chahototo (e name says it all)

Elyse 2 months ago

I Second

by election 2 months ago

thnx for the app .. keep up the good work

Mboko 2 months ago

I'm back ...ndini wenyu...I will market n advertise e app to all my supporters n followers.

Mboko 2 months ago

So wakasara uzviita ini iwe The Fiend???
HAKUNA chinhu chinonzi Fake Mboko pano,chero mumwe angashandisa zita rangu anenge my fan so hakuna chinonzi Fake Mboko..Tkt n Vybz Kartel ndovanoita basa rekurwira mazita kwete ini.

THE FIEND 2 months ago

Fake Mboko

Mboko 2 months ago

Tirimasoja akatumwa naBaba,hatitye kubaiwa

Machiavelli 2 months ago

Welcome back my brother.
Waiting with baited breath about your experiences at Mugabe's 5Star hotel on Angwa Street

Pumura Ordh Pumura 2 months ago

Bhorato Bhorato ☝️☝️☝️
I am one happy avid reader, follower and commentator on Pindula

God bress Pindura

Gaffer 2 months ago

Great. ...

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