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Pindula App APK Now Available For Download Even If You Don't Have Data

Pindula App APK Now Available For Download Even If You Don't Have Data

A note from us here:

Downloading apps from the Play Store is not for everyone. So we’ve been working hard to make the Pindula app APK easier to get. 

Today, finally you can download the app’s apk file directly from our site. And if you’re on Econet, you can download the app even if you don’t have data.

Yes, really! Just go to

Help us spread the word

The Pindula has been very useful to a lot of people looking to keep updated with the latest local news for free. (yes, again, it works on Econet even if you don’t have data 😎)

But there are many out there who don’t know about it yet!

We’re asking that you do us a favour by spreading the word to your friends and family.

Send them the app’s download link on WhatsApp link and let them know why you love it. Here’s the link again:

Help us with feedback

As usual, we want your feedback about the app so we can keep improving it. Let us know in the comments section below. Tell us what you like and what you don’t like so much.

Thank you!

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Roots 1 month ago

Bless up

Elvis kamugoyo 1 month ago

nyama ye app ..unobiwa iwe

Nation 2 months ago

we love the app

Swinfen fundisi 2 months ago

Thank pindula for the great job

Kasinauyo 2 months ago

Zvisando zvenyu Mhani makaipa makaipa keep it up you are doing a great job guys

Godwill 3 months ago

thank you Pindula, I downloaded this app for free, no data required.....thanks Pindula


3 months ago

3 months ago

Ballistic 3 months ago

Wonderful job pindula

Vr 3 months ago

I ffjfdd

Havin'💪 3 months ago

Zvinoda kutendwa @Pindula munogona

Timberlake 3 months ago

This is wonderful thanks pindula we appreciate

Haytham Kenway 3 months ago

tbh reading from my internet browser provides a much better user experience than using your app atm. for starters the UI looks lackluster & clunky whilst the font seems too small. if you could add a font resize option that would be a much valued improvement especially for the visually impaired and a dark mode feature would be much appreciated also

Haytham Kenway 3 months ago

ohh i just noticed dark mode within the app gets enabled when you toggle on system wide dark mode .. thank you

john 3 months ago

Dark mode is there, just change your system theme to dark mode and you'll see it

3 months ago

Dhuterere 3 months ago

I cant see the comment section on the pindula app...

Tobias CCC 3 months ago

Thumbs up pindula

Adoss 3 months ago

Amazing job indeed👏👏👏✨

Cable guy 3 months ago

This app is AAAAAAwesome thanks a million for your efforts pindula

Jinn 3 months ago

Thanks Pindula

cosmido 3 months ago

thank you for the App, thanks

Mhishaldo 3 months ago

Its amazing keep it up PINDULA

Mboki 3 months ago

Better than tech zim

Mephistophles 3 months ago

The App isn't installing. It says, "there was a problem while parsing the package". But it downloads easily.

Watsomba 3 months ago

nice application, we love it and we are spreading the word as well.

Jonga Eddy 3 months ago

A very useful app thanks

murozvi mukuru 3 months ago

Thank you Pindula

Thando 3 months ago

Amazing job indeed Pindula,put more local and international sports

Walter Mhungu 3 months ago

Best App

lucky 3 months ago

great app thanks Pindula

G# 3 months ago

Great pindula

NHM 3 months ago

Great app

Don Pedro 3 months ago

Thank you for Pindula news.

Love instant news updates, and interactive comments.

Thank you for minimising adverts.

Us there a way of editing out some toxic comments and hate speech?

Joseph Chidziya 3 months ago

Munopenga!!!! I have very downloaded without data. Thumbs up

leo 3 months ago

this is amazing. thanks Pindula

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