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PICTURES: President Mnangagwa Commissions Another Batch Of ZUPCO Buses

PICTURES: President Mnangagwa Commissions Another  Batch Of ZUPCO Buses

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Thursday commissioned another batch of Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) buses bringing the fleet owned by the company to over 2600 buses and commuter omnibuses.

The government has been importing buses for the parastatal in a bid to revive and take control of the public sector transport that has in the past decade been predominantly run by private players. See pictures below. Credit: the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services.

Private-owned commuter omnibuses (Kombis) have been the major mode of transport for commuters following the collapse of ZUPCO.

The government banned kombis in 2020 as a measure to curb the transmission and spread of the coronavirus pandemic but has since then refused to allow private-owned kombis a return to the roads.

Only those contracted to the ZUPCO are allowed to pirate routes with authorities arguing that the kombis had caused disorder especially in towns. 

Meanwhile, there has been a huge shortage of buses to ferry commuters, a situation that has seen many spend over three hours in queues waiting for their turn to board the buses.

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The Watcher 3 months ago

Zupco has added less than 2% to its fleet whilst it has lost over 30% in the past 2 months due to private owners withdrawing their vehicles from the heavy loss making command transportation project. Not to mention how humongously incapacitated it already is (and has always been) from adequately providing transportation for Harare alone.

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." ALBERT EINSTEIN

tk 3 months ago

Use that money to pay civil servants

Zoko 3 months ago

Saka bright ukut macivil servants acho abhadhare nei mazupco acho? Vakapiva mari vanogona kukwira chero tractor iri kyenda kwavari kyenda

Bright 3 months ago

Vanokwira Mari kuenda kubasa hr kune vasina mota


Wiseman 3 months ago

The govt Zupco project is just another dichotomous process that is all about the privatisation of benefits while nationalising debts


Thank you my President,yes people can talk alot#tag#ED MY PRESIDENT
I've been working with some of the buses at our workshop doing final touches and more buses to come trust me hey#ED#2023#

Makelanwi 3 months ago

It's not about numbers Shefu,addressed inefficiency at ZUPCO,Plus pafleet app panyepwa,2600ummmmmm😁😁

Jenet J 3 months ago

Zanu pf to lose the following list of voters:

150 000 teachers (+ voting students,guardian/parents nationwide,tally that)

Around 95% of civil servants,tallying continues

Kombie operators(drivers,conductors,owners and their families n friends,nationwide ohhh mawhindi muriko here eheeeeee ONE TIME)

Zanu pf supporters ( factions dzema previous erekshin muma ema provinsi,bora kumfana eyytotals
Puriz Tally

Eviction victims (come elections.)

Zim as a whole(empty promises,threats,looting,economic melt down,nepotism,tribalism,lawlessness etc etc WE ARE TTOOTTAALLYY voting you out


Rasta 3 months ago

Haiwa ngaapinde mukomana

Tkt 3 months ago

Kkkk bringing the total fleet owned by tmZUPCO to 2600 including kombis

this time vanenge vasina kumbo pinza bhaxi bt withdrew some, repainted and re-NUMBERED, why vasina kuti udza kuti mangani THIS time

kuzivachivandikwa 3 months ago

it's just that the buses from China are in a excellent condition whilst the one at the Zupco depots are just garbage standing there without being used


2023-5million vote 3 months ago

maZupco anopiwa vari muma towns chete.kwedu kuno kwaRusape -Chinhenga road vana havatozivi kana kuona bhazi richifamba muroad iyi since long ago tinoitwa sembeva nevakomana vemakombi nekt ndoega anongofamba,just imagine 65km journey worth 6$us apa wonzwa kt munyika mapinda mabhazi akawanda kudai hauoni kana 1 ratinopiwa saka ndifarirei nekt vagara vachingopiwa ndivavo

Dr Malema 3 months ago

Zivo yaunayo iyoyo inoita kt uzive pekuvhota

Tboz 3 months ago

Ther are NO buses my fellow Zimbabwean dnt feel left out. They cant admit they have failed us thats all.

Mikel michael 3 months ago

Tiritose ::::i support you eeey....why cant they just refurbish those ..there are many Zupcos laying kumadepots

Tiritose Matetakufa 3 months ago

Why waste foreign currency importing buses from China; it makes no sense? How about refurbishing those that are laying idle at Zupco depots; that way we can save a lot of forex as a country.

Come to think of it the buses do not belong to Zupco but are being leased from Kudakwashe Tangwirei (QueenBee); Zupco or even government has no forex to import those buses.

Dubs Magehlegehle 3 months ago


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