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PICTURES: Honda Fit Hit By Train In Harare

PICTURES: Honda Fit Hit By Train In Harare

Two people died on the spot, while 3 were injured when a Honda Fit collided with a train at a rail crossing in Harare’s Hillside area this morning.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has confirmed the accident saying Chiremba Road was blocked at the railway level crossing near OK-Mark in Harare, See pictures below from the scene. Credit: ZBC News




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ruly 1 week ago


Blessing 2 weeks ago

Do we have drivers in Zimbabwe these mshikashika drivers according to me account for almost 30--40% of the country's destroyers their activities contribute problems to the society always

🚩 2 weeks ago

Drivers graduating nowadays take rail crossings for granted as the probality of a passing train is unlikely, some rail crossings have last seen a train ten years ago. Ignoring rail-crossing signs has become a norm, particularly bus drivers.

dira rizare 2 weeks ago

ndanga ndichitoriwo neshungu dzekuona mangwana ufunge.

dira hako rizare shamwari

Shiloh 2 weeks ago

Nxaaaa ibenzi driver uyo,matraffic rules haamazive here,hndava aine chibharanzi so,auraisa vanhu nedzungu rake,ndovasina zvitambi ivava...

ThePatriot 2 weeks ago

mshikashiladrivers think they are very clever kukunda vanhu cese my road. bakabva kuma kombie nehunhu hwavo saka vakupedza vanhu


CCC 2 weeks ago

But guys driver anga asingaone train here uyo, or even the road signs that he is approaching a railway crossing

The King of Serpents 2 weeks ago

Mutoriro chete. I also asked the same question.

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