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Pictures: Construction Of Mataga Health Care Centre, Mberengwa

Pictures: Construction Of Mataga Health Care Centre, Mberengwa

The construction of Mataga Health Care Centre in Mberengwa is now almost 70% complete, according to government authorities.

All buildings have been roofed and the walling system will be finalised over the next 3 weeks, ZBC News reported.

The construction of the health centre started in October 2022 and is expected to be completed by March 2023.

See the pictures below.

The construction of the Mataga Health Centre in Mberengwa district is funded through a US$210 million investment by the Ministry of Health and Child Care, in collaboration with NMS Infrastructure Limited of the United Kingdom.

Under the deal, 30 health centres and five district hospitals would be constructed countrywide, mainly in rural areas, according to The Herald.

The new health centre will offer maternity, ART, laboratory, inpatient and outpatient services. 

It will also house a procedures room, which allows for minor operations to be conducted at the facility without referring patients to the nearest hospital, Musume Hospital, which is 20km away.

Due to population growth, Musume Hospital is now struggling to cater for everyone.

People from the Mberengwa district walk very long distances to access health facilities, according to nursing officer Ms Kudzai Kazie. She said the district is one of the biggest in the Midlands province and needed as many health facilities as possible.

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zvine basa rei 1 month ago

iko musina magetsi

Mlotshwa 1 month ago

what's that,in the 20th century,ummm.

Cde Mzvinavhu 1 month ago

We are not yet developed. We are on the 21st century. Iwe uri s**** by 100 years. Kkkkkki.

Jonathan Moyo 1 month ago

20th century ndiwe wakatosara tiri 21st wangu

Chikumba 1 month ago

Howfar bhora razopera sei

soccer fan 1 month ago

Morocco hoyeeeeeee 3-0 on penalties

Qatar bhora 1 month ago

Iwe Chikumba wanetsa nenyaya yebhora kwira ndege uende ku Qata ikoko

Chikumba 1 month ago

Iwewe unonditi kwira ndege iwe chinhu chawakagona kukwira mukadzi chete

1 month ago

arinani anotogona killing, iwe ukudyirwa mkadzi


1 month ago

Tambai mushe kkkkk

Anonymous 1 month ago

Why vanhu musina niceness

5 1 month ago

Taimbokuudzai kuti the sanction mantra is a facade political tool used by zanu pf to cover up for its dismal failure. How can you justify the existence of sanctions when you are receiving development funds from UK

Tateguru 1 month ago

Horhaiti. Pakanaka chose

St 1 month ago

Anehama yakaenda kuchipata yarwara ikadzoka irimhenyu asimudze ruoko .Hazvinatsire kuvaka zvipatara pasina mishonga nanachiremba .Kibata vanhu kumeso chete uku Zanu yakoniwa ngaimbobva kupinde vamwe .

Vesto 1 month ago

Is this one of the 200 hospitals that were supposed to have been completed in 2022?

What has happened to the other 199?

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