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Picture Of A School In Mwenezi Raises Questions About Feasibility Of E-Learning In Zimbabwe

Picture Of A School In Mwenezi Raises Questions About Feasibility Of E-Learning In Zimbabwe

A picture of Valley Primary School in Mwenezi, Masvingo Province that is circulating on social media has raised questions on the feasibility of e-learning in Zimbabwe.

The picture shows thatched structures with nearly collapsing or semi-finished roofs as if the structures are makeshift. 

Zimbabwe’s new curriculum which was introduced during the tenure of Lazarus Dokora is centred on the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs), both as a tool to help learners in their studies and in daily lives.

The implementation of the New Curriculum was strongly resisted by some stakeholders including the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTU) who cited the digital gap that exists between the urban and rural schools, the haves and the have nots.

They described the introduction of the new learning guide as premature as other schools especially the remotely located were yet to acquire the requisite resources including gadgets, electricity and even teachers to help the learners.

Commenting on the picture, Opposition MDC Alliance spokesperson, advocate Fadzayi Mahere said:

Dear the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (@MoPSEZim),

You close schools and direct that teachers implement e-learning. How will a school in Mwenezi like the one below conduct e-learning? Why are all your policies anti-poor? We need new leaders.

The New Curriculum was recommended by the Nziramasanga Commission in 1999 but the implementation was delayed as most institutions failed the e-readiness assessment tests conducted over the years.

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Man of the moment 7 months ago

You mean in Zimbabwe yeku Harare ere or Zimba inwe iyayi iyi aaaaah 🤠

Kakistocracy 🤣 Muchakaka 7 months ago

Guys njuga dzavaremera. They want an out commendation that they're doing well yet things on the ground are in a sorry state. KUKAKISANA and it doesn't surprise me, personally, because these people don't get to interact with people in the communities and ivo havana vana vanoita attend school in Zimbabwe. Some have their kids in foreign countries rights now. They have a demonic spirit of entitled and they view themselves as little gods running an empire called House of Stones.
Marwadzo chaiwo.
Varegei vaite zvavanoda. Survival of the fittest does not end with the survival of the fittest. When the fittest are done with devouring the weaker they turn on each other until everyone is devoured.
Cry my beloved country.

Kakistocracy 🤣 Muchakaka 7 months ago

... spirit of entitlement...

Imwe mbeu 7 months ago

Post Office takavhurirwa tichinzi parikuiswa Internet Cafe but nanhasi, hameno kuti ave makore mangani - motinyanyira kuMwenezi 😭

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