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PICTURE: Hand Of VP Chiwenga's Ex-Wife Marry Mubaiwa's Cut Off

PICTURE: Hand Of VP Chiwenga's Ex-Wife Marry Mubaiwa's Cut Off

A picture circulating on social media suggests that the right hand of Marry Mubaiwa, the estranged wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was amputated.

The picture was posted by law expert, Advocate Thabani Mpofu this Monday. He captioned it:

Search your judicial conscience. Did you do right by this child, a child made in the image of God? This blight, this moral stain, can never be washed away. Never, ever! Let me withhold my curse, for I also am a man of sin. Asi kozowa rinhi Tenzi?

Ichi chazonyatsondisvikira panorwadza pangu. Haaaaaaa. Aiwa. Ngidabukile

Marry, a former model is battling lymphedema, a condition that has also left her lower limbs deformed. 

Her doctors said she can only get treatment from South Africa but courts are refusing to give her passport back as she is facing a number of criminal charges including money laundering and attempting to kill Chiwenga while on a deathbed in 2019. 

Marry said Chiwenga, a former military boss who doubles as the minister of Health and Child Care was using courts, “to make me an example that women are subjects and should never be allowed to lead in any fora.”

Marry has on a number of occasions brought to court in a wheelchair as she is struggling to walk.

Commenting on the picture, Jessica Geraldine, a children’s rights activist said criticised women rights activists for not taking action to ensure Marry’s safety. She said:

Women Rights groups, Feminists and Human Rights Defenders were nowhere to be found. Even Auxilia Mnangagwa the all Church goer never raised her voice!! Not even Women in ZANU PF raised their voices.

At some point, Marry appealed to the first family albeit remarking that Chiwenga had said he determines where the wind blows in Zimbabwe.

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Tintin 4 months ago


kk 4 months ago

sad and painful indeed...

josh 4 months ago

ndakambokuyambira chinun'una usadaroo
nyaya yako yekuzveidza gamba🎶

Chief inspector 4 months ago

If the VP can do this to someone whom he slept with, had a home with, shared secrets with, had memories with!! Ko kuzoti Sikhala??

You might not find the link here but garwe and chiwenga same WhatsApp group. Same tactics.

4 months ago

pk 4 months ago

pakaitwa go back to sender.

chiwenga advisor 4 months ago

chiwenga nzwirawo mkadzi wako tsitsi agura Kani ummm zvakwana unoda afe achitamburasei what comes around goes back around pazvidzoka kwauri usazoti Mwari mandisiirei


ZimCitizen 4 months ago

Ndopaunoona mumwe munhu achivhotera these murderers into power. Zimbabweans wake up and smell the coffee.

Job sikhala 4 months ago

ko iye mkadzi wake ahasi murderer hre hant aida kuuraya murume hre saka iye ngaafewo

Sims 4 months ago

what a sad development

respectability is still a virtue. 4 months ago

why would you date such men?for money?... those are the consequences.

Makaro 4 months ago

it ends in tears

Zuze 4 months ago

Mwari ndewe munhu wese

Chamatams 4 months ago

Mmmm ndapindwa neChando. Zvekwa Mary zvo bviro tyisa . I feel sorry
for her kids. God have Mercy.

Youth Isiri YeZanu 4 months ago

Yah kuyesabisa i now fear these guys more than ever

TTT 4 months ago

Makanganwa Marry uyu achituka nekusvipa VaTsvangirayi MaJaggers Msasa. Achizviita the untouchable. Nguva inokwana. Mhinduro yake inonoka.

Mafyt aka Tkt Says 4 months ago

Where are the pictures?

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