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PetroTrade Appoints Nomsa Chitsaka As Business Development Director

PetroTrade Appoints Nomsa Chitsaka As Business Development Director

Petrotrade,  a successor Company to the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (Noczim), has announced the appointment of Ms Nomsa Chitsaka as the company’s Business Development Director with effect from the 1st of December 2021.

Petrotrade Board chairperson, Advocate Tinomudaishe Chinyoka said in a statement:

Executive Appointment

Petrotrade (Private) Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Nomsa Chitsaka as the company’s Business Development Director effective 1 December 2021.

Ms Chitsaka joins Petrotrade (Private) Limited from Vivo Energy (Private) Limited where she was serving as Lubrkatits Business Manager and Integrated Business Planning lead. She brings with her 10 years’ work experience leading business and commercial functions in Energy and FMCG industries having worked for Nestle Zimbabwe (Private) Limited, Schweppes Ltd, and Cairns Foods Ltd.

Ms. Chitsaka holds a Master’s degree In Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree In Marketing Management from Midlands State University. Ms. Chitsaka also holds a certification in Digital Marketing from Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.

The Board, Management and Staff at Petrotrade (Private) limited warmly welcomes Ms. Chitsaka and wish her success during her tenure in this new role.

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors

Advocate Tinomudaishe Chinyoka

Board Chairperson

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Analyst 6 months ago

@ Mboko: Thanks for your contributions.

Godaz 6 months ago

Mbokooo!!!😂😂😂😂😂kuseri kwekuseri

J 6 months ago

Congratulations to you Ms Chitsaka.
Now on seeing your photo and hearing you being addressed as ms, i got the shock of my life and have taken it upon myself to dignify your status by putting an r between m and s, also the changing of your surname to mrs Nomsa J

Babamudiki 6 months ago

Congrats Ms Chitsaka. Gara zviya kuti Ms zvakafanana nokuti Dr here? I have noticed that most women who get into high positions are addressed by that title. Madzimayi edu tinovati Mrs nechingezi, mhandara tichidzitiwo Miss. Tingatende hangu netsananguro.


Makelanwi 6 months ago

I think this appointment is suspicious,Business Development Director?ummm.what are her roles?There a lot of questions Guyz.I have never heard of this kind of job title.

Analyst 6 months ago

Congratulations Ms Chitsaka. For once,thanks Pindula for getting a Board Chairman to properly disclose an appointee's full authentic qualifications. Thanks Mr Chinyoka for the disclosure. If all appointments to senior posts were to be accompanied with such levels of transparent disclosures, we could soon stop the bogus qualifications'crusade. What the above level of disclosure does is that it enables Universities to come forward and distance themselves from anyone who could be claiming to have been admitted to their degrees when they never read for such while affording the public an opportunity to assess the expected level of delivery of the appointee. It also serves as a motivator to others to develop themselves as well as giving unsuccessful candidates a chance to assess the level of competition (education and work experience) they were up against and perhaps explain why they would not have secured the job. Once more, thanks Pindula!

Analyst 6 months ago

@ Doroguru: Thanks for the kind words.

Mboko 6 months ago

@analyst nyora neshona.. Haiwa..basa remazimbo kuswero korokotedza vamwe

Nekuti heee..ane mari dzake .heee

People itai mushe..
Why is it mazimbo pa argument motaura nechirungu,apa nema vocabulary..kuda kutityisa here nhai ma analyst epa free news

??🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣sit down be humble.

Handina jealous nevanhu vanoshanda
.i dont work for works for not any employee...

Doroguru 6 months ago

Good analysis there @Analyst👍

Greedy 6 months ago

Mboko imboko chete
Zi Jealous nhayi

Analyst 6 months ago

@ Mboko: I don't see any harm in that seeing I also get same whenever I attain greater heights than those I'd have attained hitherto. Do you see anything despicable about that?

TMT 6 months ago

Mboko imbkoko for sure

Mboko 6 months ago

Busy kukorokotedza ma achievement evamwe..kkkkkk.....

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