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Petrol-laden Fuel Tanker Blocks Harare-Bulawayo Highway On Christmas Day

Petrol-laden Fuel Tanker Blocks Harare-Bulawayo Highway On Christmas Day

Police have warned motorists travelling along the Harare-Bulawayo highway that the road has been blocked by a petrol-laden haulage truck trailer near Karina fuel service station in Norton.

In a statement, ZRP has advised motorists to use alternative routes and the diversion roads created in order to clear the blockage. Reads the statement:

The ZRP reports a road traffic in On Christcident which occurred on 25/12/22 at around 0745 hours at the 39 km peg along Harare ÔÇôBulawayo Road, Near Karina Garage Norton.

The second trailer of a petrol tanker, with 24 000 litres of petrol, unhooked leading to road blockage.

The Police, Fire Brigade, Vehicle Examination Department and Environmental Management Agency are at the scene clearing the road.

Motorists travelling along Bulawayo-Harare towards Norton, are advised to use alternative routes and the diversion roads created in order to clear the blockage.

Drivers are urged to cooperate with police officers controlling traffic at the scene as movements are slow.

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Christ birth celebration 1 month ago

celebrate all the earth because unto us is given a son whose name shall be Emmanuel God with us Manuwere Mwari anesu

1 month ago


Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 1 month ago

Chinondigwadza Xmas iiiii inopandutsa vanhu hobho
Veduwe vana zvavanenge vakaita usiku muma streats
Vachikwigwa zvekurevesa iiiii this day is being abused
Especially in Bulawayo some people don't even know the purpose of it

koko 1 month ago

there is a big difference btween christmas and xmas.
if you are using the word ex it means something you no longer want eg xwife. xgirlfriend

bright 1 month ago

@koko thanks l understand you if you know u know

1 month ago

hausi kunyepa ipapo

X 1 month ago

Christmas or Xmas, they are the same, 25 December is the day of the sun, this has been practised within religions which had their origins in astrology, millenniums before the creation of Christianity, the truth is Christianity is a copy of these religions which were practised in Kemet, encient Nubia & they also had their origins in African tradition, customs & religion, thats why religion is one of Africas greatest gift to the world, but these colonizers then came with Christianity & mind ****eed us now our people think that being black is a curse and white people are our saviors, Christianity was never meant to uplift us, it was the colonizers most effective tool, so we should abolish Christianity, & most of these religions, I know you don't like hearing this, I think we need to create a new religion, a single religion for all the people on Earth, a religion which is in touch with the current social & technology development, one world religion, this will be one of the major step to global peace, most wars has been waged in the name of religion, women has been oppressed in the name of Jesus, there is no female angel in the Bible

Pauro 1 month ago


@x 1 month ago

the shortage of female Angels must have affected your life because if not why the nonsense

@x 1 month ago

a lot of rubbish

1 month ago

God's do not exist.


1 month ago

@x How old are you? Thirteen year olds must not comment.

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