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Petrol Explosion Victim (21) Appeals For Help To Undergo Surgery

Petrol Explosion Victim (21) Appeals For Help To Undergo Surgery

A Bulawayo mother is appealing for financial assistance so that her 21-year-old daughter can undergo reconstructive surgery so that her hands can return to functionality after she experienced severe burns in October 2019.

Lidia Mbadzi of Gwabalanda suburb in Bulawayo said her 21-year-old daughter Nyasha Mbadzi was burnt in a petrol explosion at their home two years ago.

Mbadzi said she sent her children to buy 5 litres of paraffin from a backyard dealer who gave them petrol instead.

The petrol exploded in the house, resulting in severe injuries to Nyasha and her three siblings and the mother.

Unfortunately, one of the children, Nokuthaba, who was in Grade Five at Mazwi Primary School, succumbed to her injuries.

Mbadzi said she had been struggling to buy medication for her daughter over the past two years and is not able to raise the money needed for Nyasha’s surgery.

A Harare-based specialist surgeon said two million, two hundred and fifty thousand Zimbabwe dollars (ZWL$2 250 000.00) is needed for Nyasha’s operation. Said the doctor about Nyasha injuries:

She sustained severe burns and the resultant disfiguring sequelae will be a challenge to correct. We will endeavour to do our best.

Unfortunately, the nature of her injuries will require her to have several staged and sequential operations, over a period of months to years, in order for us to achieve an optimal result.

She requires operations on several parts of her body which have been affected and are also interconnected.

She will require extensive surgery on both hands, wrists, arms and forearms, axillae, neck, lower lip, eyes and back.

I have not included the treatment which would be beneficial in terms of the hypertrophic scarring and keloids that she has developed.

Optimum outcomes in this type of surgery are also related to the available resources.

… In view of the above, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to predict accurately the total cost of all these operations.

However, an estimate based on the proposed (and discussed) operations, using the local tariffs and assuming no complications, would be in the region of ZWL2,250,000.00.

For those willing to assist, you may send the money via EcoCash to one of these contacts:

  1. Lidia Moyo: 0782065024
  2. Nyasha Brimmildar Mbadzi: 0777300141
  3. Rogers Mbadzi: 0773566295


CABS Fife Street Branch, Bulawayo; Account Number is 1004873379.

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