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Peter Ndlovu Misses Out On US$120 000 House Gift From Sakunda

Peter Ndlovu Misses Out On US$120 000 House Gift From Sakunda

Former Warriors captain Peter Ndlovu missed out on a US$120 000 house gift after demanding that he be paid to attend the unveiling of Sakunda Holdings’ sponsorship of Highlanders and Dynamos.

Chronicle reported a source as saying that the house gift was supposed to be a surprise gift for the Mamelodi Sundowns team manager but Ndlovu’s refusal to attend the ceremony over a US$6 000 appearance fee meant that he missed out on the house. Said the source:

Peter was invited well on time, but he insisted that he be paid for gracing the function. He wanted about US$6 000 in appearance fees.

The organisers wanted the house gift to be a surprise to him and hence could not let the cat out of the bag.

Even Madinda went thinking he was just a guest, but his younger brother wanted more.

Peter’s brother, Madinda Ndlovu, who is a Highlanders legend and former coach reportedly wept when Sakunda Holdings boss Kuda Tagwirei broke the big news about the house gift.

Sakunda Holdings last month unveiled a US$5.3 million sponsorship for the country’s two biggest football clubs and also gifted a house worth US$120 000 to the late football icon George Shaya’s family and houses worth US$90 000 to Madinda Ndlovu and Moses Chunga.

Peter was also in line to get a similar house to Shaya, but he had to be present for the offer to be extended to him.

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Zulu 6 months ago

He knew but akaramba fuma yekuba aneloss yei when he has mantions across the globe

Draco bad and bougee 6 months ago

Fading stars usually demand the most when they know they are old and spent

Sparonsa 6 months ago

$120 000 they should give it to eat veterans ...we can't spoil e rich all the time,...let him give it 40 war bets,we can't have our gallant sons n daughters of e soil be an definition of poverty

Tosh 6 months ago

😂😂😂😂 You're crazy my man. That guy has clean money and a $120000 house its nothing to him.

Tofirei 6 months ago

Ndosaka umwe akamboti kumisangano yavo endai, zvavanokupai gashirai, musaitisane navo makwikwi nekuti munofira mahara nekurohwa muchida kuvaratidza kuti hamuvadi. Hoyo Peturo aruza zvamahara.
Gweja Nyumwawo. Hongu waidao makobiri asika pawakaona kuti haabudi dai wakangoendao hako.

Tofirei 6 months ago

Chinoziva iballot paper kuti X aiswa pananhingi.

Dr huni 6 months ago

Haadi zvemahara Peter


Mr ndhlumbi 6 months ago

Dai vakapa mupa ka 6000 or to just tell him. Surprise ine basa rei. Sakunda yacho ndeye mbavha futi. Imari yedu iyi. Tipei makanyarara

Greedy 6 months ago

Haa imi may be Peter akanyumwa uyu aaah Peter Nyumwawo Remember he is president to be so president Nyumwawo if you know you know.Remember to Register to vote iwe/Wena ✖️

Brian Manwele 6 months ago

Be humble, sit down

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