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Peta Agro Offers Offers Agribusiness Courses In Crops, Animals and Fruit Tree Farming For Zimbabwean

A Zimbabwean Agri-business information and marketing resources organisation, Peta Agro Initiatives, is offering online courses in crops, animal, and fruit tree farming targeted at Zimbabweans.

The courses will commence on Monday, 1 November, and will proceed into 2022.

The program, whose cost is US $20, is a 52 topic course to help farmers “go beyond just farming, but to get the most profit out of their produce.”

The courses cover small grains, Watermelons, Green Beans, Butternuts, Poultry, Fish farming, Horses, Rabbits among others. It also covers operations aspects such as Irrigation systems, Greenhouses, and Animal Feed Formulation.

Please see the full list below:


Crops: Maize, Cotton, Small Grains, Cabbages, Watermelons, Greenbeans, Butternuts, Soya Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Mushroom, Garlic and Ginger, Onions & Shallots, Peppers and Chillies, Cucumbers, Peas, Green Leafy Veggies, Strawberries, Woodlots, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Wheat, Carrots, Beetroot, Tea and Coffee, Sugar Cane, Sunflower, Floriculture, Hydroponics.

Animals: Goats, Road Runners, Broilers, Layers, Sheep, Maggot Production, Cattle, Pigs, Vermiculture (Worms), Turkeys, Dogs, Horses, Aquaculture, Apiculture (beekeeping), Animal Feed Formulation, Rabbits.

Fruits: Citrus Trees; Mangoes; Bananas; Grape; Apples and Pears; Plums, Peaches and Nectarines, Avocado Pears.

Operations: Irrigation systems, Greenhouses


Each of the topics will be covered during a 10-hour training course scheduled for Monday to Friday of the week on the calendar above, from 6pm to 8pm on a WhatsApp Group. 

The courses are designed to answer questions such as the following:

  1. How exactly is the farming of this plant or animal done?
  2. What is the full cost of going into this business?
  3. What is the cost breakdown?
  4. What are the risks?
  5. How can I mitigate or eliminate the risks inherent in this business?
  6. Who are the suppliers?
  7. Where is the market?
  8. Can I export this?
  9. What standards are expected in this business both for local supply and export?
  10. Can I get funding?

Benefits of the Program

  • Participants will enjoy many benefits from being part of this 2021 Peta Agro Program as
  • Increased network
  • Awareness of current methods of farming
  • Learning to add value to your farm produce for improved profitability
  • Knowing where to get the funding available targeting the various agro products
  • Access to markets both local and international
  • Entry into group projects if desired
  • Becoming part of the solution for food security in Zimbabwe
  • Commissions earned from referrals to add to your savings

Certificates of attendance will be issued to participating members at the close of the



The full cost for the 52 weeks – US $20

You can also pay in ZWL: $4000

Or. ZAR 300 

We are based at 6th Floor Batanai Gardens, 57 Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare. You are welcome to come in for a physical meeting to address any enquiries or make payments.

Deadline: After the 31st of October 2021 each weekly course will now be costing US$5.00.


WhatsApp Contacts:

  • Pearl (Harare): +263 719 863 610
  • Thandiwe (Harare): +263 773 355 297
  • Achim (Bulawayo): +263 714 760 390
  • Progress (Kwekwe): +263 737 871 864
  • Tinashe (Marondera): +263 716 834 420
  • Ruvarashe (South Africa): +27 719 112 700


More details: 

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Sir 6 months ago

Rate iyo bho here guyz

Jean 6 months ago

Rate bhoo here, RBZ come speak

cleophas chimbira 6 months ago

rate ndeipi iyo 20usd-4000 bank rate madii police batai vanhu

Prosper P 6 months ago

Good one. Way to go.

Greedy 6 months ago

Pa cost apa RBZ Do Job $20 and 4000zw Mashandisa Rate ipi apa ye black market ka 1-200 Basa iro

Draco bad and bougee 6 months ago

This is one example of positive use of the WhatsApp platform

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