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Pay Your Bills, Service Delivery Has Improved - City Of Harare

Pay Your Bills, Service Delivery Has Improved - City Of Harare

The City of Harare has urged all ratepayers to pay their bills saying service delivery is improving.

Acting Town Clerk for the City of Harare, Phakamile Moyo, said the local authority has increased water production to 350 megalitres a day up from 220 million litres in 2021. This translates to above 60 per cent water coverage.

Moyo said the Harare City Council (HCC) is in the process of installing new meters in areas with stuck meters so that ratepayers are billed for actual consumption.

The Acting Town Clerk also revealed that the January 2022 bills have been physically dispatched to all properties in the city.

He said the local authority is now in the process of distributing the February 2022 bills. Said Moyo:

We urge all ratepayers and business institutions to pay their bills on time to allow council to dispatch its service delivery mandate without hindrance.

We are now using a live Ecocash platform that allows bill crediting within the hour of transacting.

To make your online payment, dial either of the two following shortcodes and follow the onscreen options:  *151*2*7*7*# or *151*100#.

Bills can also be paid at all our 30 revenue offices. We are currently finalising with banks for e-banking services.

… Residents who have not received their bills can contact our Call Centre at Town House on 0242 772 573.

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kkkkkkk 1 month ago

kutsvetera mhandara hanzi ndoisa musoro chete... like seriously kanzuru yehahare 😂....

Tafirenyika 1 month ago

Is Harare tap water now safe to drink? That's my first concern before we proceed to other matters

Ginious 1 month ago

tobhadhara mvura isipo,vamopa mvura ivavo ngavabhadhara.mari yedu ikuperera pakutenga mvura kune vanemaborehole

Terminator 2 😎 1 month ago

What has changed ok makapisa Joins city I didn't notice kkkkkkkkkkkk sure 🐜🐜🐜🐜

Anonymous 1 month ago

Veku Borrowdale ivavo vasingaenderwe nemvura ngavabhadhare, isu hatibhadhare zvakaora kudaro

Steven Chidhumo 1 month ago

Ku borrowdale haiuye we have switched to borehole

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