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Paul Mwazha Church Feud Rages On

Paul Mwazha Church Feud Rages On

There seems to be no end in sight to the factionalism that has dogged the Paul Mwazha-led Africa Apostolic Church (ACC) in recent years.

A group aligned to Mwazha’s last-born son is accusing the bloc led by the second-born son of breaching standing court orders.

The factions recently converged at the Odzi Mapembe Shrine for a Holy Communion gathering, with a Court Sheriff trying in vain to stop the proceedings.

The Mwazha church has split into two factions, with one group being led by the ageing Archbishop’s second-born son, Bishop Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha; while the other is led by the Archbishop’s youngest son, Bishop Tawanda Israel Mwazha.

Mwazha, popularly known as Mudzidzisi, turns 104 this year.

On 27 June 2022, the High Court granted an order against Bishop Alfred’s faction which recently gathered at the Mapembe Shrine. The order read in part:

It is ordered that the provisional order granted on the 11th May 2022 be and is hereby confirmed.

The first to eighth respondents and all those acting through them are hereby ordered not to visit the shrines of the first applicant without the consent of the current leadership of the church.

The first to eighth respondents and all those acting through them are hereby ordered not to convene meetings of the African Apostolic Church (Vapostora VeAfrica), visit the first applicant’s shrines or place of worship or organise any event there….

The eight respondents mentioned in the court order are Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha, Ngoni Edward Mwazha, James Mwazha, Richard Juru, Elson Tafa, Charles Tekeshe, Lovemore Mharadze and Norman Siyamuzhombwe.

The applicant is Ernest Mhambare, a member of the church who initiated the legal process on behalf of Bishop Tawanda’s faction.

Meanwhile, Bishop Alfred’s faction believes that their leader was anointed as his father’s successor on 28 February 2020.

According to The Manica Post, the church divisions go deeper than the leadership issue, with prayer methods also causing disharmony.

Long and personal prayers, widely known within the church as “tsindondi”, have been a source of disharmony, with a section of the church insisting on pre-written and recited prayers.

More: The Manica Post

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Gospreneurs 1 month ago


Chibhanguza 1 month ago


pee 1 month ago

kunamata kwonetsa

Joe Brownn 1 month ago

fight for positions muimba yaMwari zvinonyadzisa it simply shows it's all about money not God.

Seiko 1 month ago

the end of the Mwazha and his death shall seal it all.. He preached the word of God in truth for he was a great leader... Leaders are anointed by God through the holy spirit and for it has been said that his clock will soon come to a stop... The Lord God has given the anointing to someone else not from the Mwazha church by to other apostolic church and he shall reign in the midst of vultures but shall conquer through the holy spirit.. for it will guide him and the future generations shall witness the great power of the Lord God through him. When that time comes wonders shall happen.. the dead shall rise the blind shall see and the lame will walk for the power of the Lord will be with him.. the end of times is now .. play your part in embracing the holy spirit and be guided thereof. shun the wicked ways and be truthfull in every sense for the Lord God shall come and reward you with the gift of life and prosperity.... His time has come now... I thank Mutumwa Mwazha for his great works which today we intend to finish. Adios... a new horizon above and beyond..

Nyoka Longo 1 month ago

A church that preaches politics and forces it's adherence to follow certain political parties ceases to be a body of Christ but it will be a movement of out of sorts people. No wonder there is furious contests for positions while the ageing oldman is still alive. A church is an apolitical institution serving people from all political parties and non political as well.

Cde hondo 1 month ago

Church ye zanu

truth 1 month ago

iwe Zanu yapinda papi ipapa


Our Africa 1 month ago

Church iyi ndeya jesu haisi yevanhu kana maCourts,there is a Constitution that Mutumwa Paul Mwazha wrote for the past years,talking about the church leadership during the absence of Mudzidzisi by illness or death

Alfred 2 weeks ago

Kunamata rudo, I wish vana ava dai vabatana but with those greedy old people who are backing them up and fueling em hazvibude

mnhanga 1 week ago

Mwazha Paul monopolistic approach led to all this chaos.Chechi yemandebvu boo ndaramba

mnhanga 1 week ago

Mwazha Paul monopolistic approach led to all this chaos.Chechi yemandebvu boo ndaramba

mnhanga 1 week ago

Mwazha Paul monopolistic approach led to all this chaos.Chechi yemandebvu noo ndaramba

mupostori 1 week ago

ma elders ndoanokonzera mbengo nekuparadzanisa vana vanyamunhu varikudya nhaka ya baba vavo nokut naivo vanodavo kudya ipapo dai vaisa mwari mberi uye ngavavhunze mwari vavape nzira. nyaya dzekereke hadzifaniri kuperera kumatare enyika. zvemumba ngazviperere mumba zvekereke kukereke zvenyika kunyika

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