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Patron Stabs Bar Lady Over US$1 Change

Patron Stabs Bar Lady Over US$1 Change

A bar lady was seriously injured after she was stabbed with a knife by a patron over a US$1 change dispute in Chimanimani.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) acting spokesperson in Manicaland Province, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, said Asther Manyange Uzizo (22) sustained deep cuts after she was stabbed in the right arm and once in the chest by Paul Masaiti.

The incident occurred at Ngangu Business Centre on Saturday, 27 August 2022. Said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka:

Masaiti went to the bar to buy a quart of beer which was being sold for US$1.50. He tendered US$5.50 to Ms Uzizo and was expecting US$4 as his change, but the bar lady gave him US$3 instead.

An altercation ensued between the two. Masaiti went outside and came back armed with an okapi knife.

He stabbed Ms Uzizo once on the right arm and once on the left side of the chest.

She sustained deep cuts. Masaiti was arrested soon after committing the crime.

In another incident, a 37-year-old woman, Betty Mhlanga, from Munamba Village in Chipinge, escaped death by a whisker after she was heavily assaulted and stabbed in the head and on her arms with a knife by an unknown man.

Mhlanga had retired to bed in the company of her two kids, aged seven and three respectively, when the suspect pounced on her, demanding cash. Said Asst Insp Chinyoka:

The suspect broke into the house around 11 pm and strangled Ms Mhlanga in her sleep. As she woke up, the suspect demanded money from her. She said she did not have any money.

The suspect assaulted Ms Mhlanga with a stick several times on her hands and legs. She then lied that she had hidden some money outside.

The accused tied her hands with a rope and force-marched her to the place she was referring to.

After discovering that there was no money there, the suspect dragged Ms Mhlanga back into the house and stabbed her with a knife on the head and on her arms.

Ms Mhlanga managed to untie herself and made a police report after the suspect had left.

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manicaland yengozi 1 month ago

ana wasu muri mhondi futi minoita basa rekufutsira Sora musingatimbi

11 1 month ago

yoo killers

kanyenzura 1 month ago

wakomana,ko kana riri zimuzezuru rakakwira bhazi kuuya kwedu kuzotibira.zvazi ere mbavha ndeyemunharaunda iyoyo?

gogodera 1 month ago


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