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Patriotism Cannot Be Regulated, Says Brian Dube

Patriotism Cannot Be Regulated, Says Brian Dube

The Member of Parliament for Gweru Urban, Brian Dube (MDC Alliance), said patriotism cannot be regulated but the Government should create an environment that will make it natural for people to love their country.

ZANU PF is trying to come up with the Patriotic Bill that has been viewed as an attempt to weaken opposition political parties and make some politicians ineligible to contest elections.

A few years ago, ZANU PF tried to raise the minimum age for presidential candidates to at least 50 years, from the current 40, a move that was viewed as targeting CCC leader Nelson Chamisa who is in his mid-forties.

Speaking in the National Assembly last week, Dube said the starting point for inculcating patriotism is the tolerance for different political views and political parties. Dube said:

Our politics must be administered with tolerance, which means that we must be able to tolerate different political views and political parties as a starting point.

If we agree on that, it means we have a shared view. What is the problem in Zimbabwe currently is that there is no nation that was built since 1980.

After1980, we managed to build a country and we managed to define boundaries, but we did not manage to build a nation based on values and principles, which is why our politics has a lot of violence.

Our politics has a lot of hate speech as even my Chief Whip was indicating and someone was clapping hands and celebrating that an MP was ignored and denied a chair during a national function of the burial of a hero.

… So the problem that we have cannot actually be regulated through the Patriotic Bill because patriotism is not a concept that you can regulate through legal processes.

It is an attitude that one has towards their country. How do you cement patriotism, and make everyone feel that Zimbabwe is their home?

… If you cannot be heard in your own country, you may end up thinking that the audience from outside may be relevant.

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Advocate 1 week ago

hazvina kana basa izvo and am glad kuti the MDC Mp were the first to react to this Shit bcoz dai vari veCCC zvaibva zvatonzi mavaona here vatengesi

Freda 1 week ago

Brian my guy ibva kuMDC uko amana.

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 week ago

Patriotism is an ideology, it can be whipped into a person take North Korea as a case study, children grow up being doctrinated by the state philosophy and where they grow old they know no truth other than what their supreme leader says..Zimbos should be thankful that you have access to the internet no indoctrination you are left to think for your own BUT one thing that you must know is that Zanu Pf is the only ruling party as long as the earth abides...that is all that Zanu ask of you to accept that cold truth....kkkk

Donald Trump 1 week ago

Patriotism is ululating when the Zanoid kleptomaniacs loot the the country dry.Any criticism is considered unpatriotic.

Tang. Ku 1 week ago

The Mugabe DNA these zanupf hooligans believe in unnecessary moves ,partriotic is a positive state of mind one can not force you to dance when you are crying

Tiberius 1 week ago

Yes patriotism is the love for own nation. That's is the reason why we are politicking against the jaded regime that has for long failed to keep our nation's levels higher...

Being opposition is also Patriotism.

Comrade Disaster 1 week ago

Patriotism is the love of country;
devotion to the welfare of one's compatriots;
the virtues and actions of a patriot;
the passion which inspires one to serve one's country.
is this what the Patriot Bill is all about.


dmao 1 week ago

For Zanu PF patriotism is supporting the party, else a sellout. For them voting for regime change is unpatriotic.

Observer 1 week ago

Like "Trust" and "Respect" it has to be earned.

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