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Patience Musa Joins BancABC Zimbabwe

Patience Musa Joins BancABC Zimbabwe

Former ZiFM Stereo radio presenter Patience Musa has been appointed BancABC Zimbabwe’s new digital marketing, public relations and communications manager.

The financial institution confirmed the development via a post on its Twitter page. The post read:

We are glad to announce the appointment of Patience Musa to the position of Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Communications Manager under the Marketing Department with effect from 1 February.

On her part, Musa expressed excitement following her appointment by BancABC. She said:

I’m excited. My desk involves – Digital Marketing, internal and external communication – Public relations and this is great for me. These are indeed exciting times.

Musa is currently studying for a Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies degree with the University of Zimbabwe. She added:

Music is a very important part of who I am always. When I can, I will definitely dash into the studio, but for now, my new job and completing my Master’s degree is what I’m consumed with.

Musa said she will continue presenting two 30-minute shows, Backstage and Health Matters, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings on ZiFM Stereo.

She had been with ZiFMStereo since its establishment in 2012 until she recently announced that she was leaving the radio station.

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Ba Bee 3 months ago

Thanks for the news pindula but can you please give us current international affairs like wat u did for the past 2days

Mwana wevhu 3 months ago

Not news at all

Tkt 3 months ago

Kune wese ari kuti hee SPORTS NEWS, INTERNATIONAL

In as much as i agree with you, we also need to know about the State Of Our Nation affairs, therefore i think blending the NEWS will make sence

Bright 3 months ago

Vanhu avana kwavo pane vaiti dze sports dzanyanya

Vladimir 3 months ago

everyday we read about our own current affairs, so the blend is actually including sports and international news like they did for only 2 days

Chief 3 months ago

Kkkkk mati moda chii?


Undertaker 3 months ago

Pindula,these local news are now boring.We want International news.

The Bush Lawyer's Nephew 3 months ago


Pdjd 3 months ago

News dzavo dzese ndadzeku coper idzi dzakadhakwa futi

@Dzorojena 3 months ago

Pindula you are now in same WhatsApp Group neHerald manje.

Fan 3 months ago

How far nhasi paSports news@Pindulanews

Vladamir 3 months ago

Pindula please bring back international and sports news

Fman 3 months ago

Toziva zvipi manje hapana chokwadi apa

chimuti 3 months ago

Ummmmmmm okay

Doroguru 3 months ago

Mxxm,saka anga achimborambirei. Anyways all the best

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