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Pastor Gee Speaks On His Weight Loss Journey

Pastor Gee Speaks On His Weight Loss Journey

Zimbabwean gospel musician Stanley Gwanzura, affectionately known as Pastor Gee, has spoken on his weight loss journey which saw him shedding off 43 kg, from his phenomenal 193 kg to 150,8 kg.

The “Mabiribobi” hitmaker has credited his transformation to the past months of self-healthcare: he spent special time focusing on his body during the pandemic. And, it worked wonders for him. He told The Herald:

My target is to get down to 100kg and its possible given what I have done in the past.

I started this journey in March 14, 2022, through a programme Aruka Lighten Up, which is run by Pastor Mtungwazi.

They started me with supplements from Vitamin C, and D as well as a diet plan of 500 calories for 40 days, a strict diet.

I would walk 3km to 5km three times a week. I cut out bread, sugar, rice, spaghetti and fizzy drinks. I am much better and lighter and energetic on stage. I can now dance freely.

I would eat anything, everything that I came across and that came to my mind, especially on carbohydrates.

In 2018, I cut down fizzy drinks, before that I could drink four litres or more of fizzy drinks.

It affected my health later and had challenges on joints and on knees.

I then started adjusting the liquid intake of it.

Pastor Gee who has become a source of inspiration to those fighting obesity says “it’s never too late to win the battle against over-weight.”

His family too was equally shocked after realising that Pastor G was on a massive body transformation.

Pastor Gee says the death of his dad at the height of the COCID-19-induced lockdown made him realise he could transform his body.

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.. 1 week ago

150 acho akawandsa fut kirema kudarika zvimombe zveku Bhohera

.. 1 week ago

150 acho akawandsa fut kirema kudarika zvimombe zveku Bhohera

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

😀 Inonzi hard **** type, mombe isina chinonzi drought mombe yemuhera😀

its Buhera not Bhohera...

😭 1 week ago

Nyama yacho marunda ega ega hapana nezviripo

sugar boy 1 week ago

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Zuze 1 week ago

Mombe dzekuBhowera dzinokuma dzakazembera muti kuti dzisadonhe. Izhara inodzidariso. Dzimwe dzakazopona nekupfurunura hozi mugore renzara.

m*a*s*h*o*n*a* 1 week ago


mufakosi 1 week ago

siyana neBohera iwe unonyepa wakamboiona kupi

Mashona 1 week ago


Puluzuzu. 1 week ago

Pastor Gee String. You need a Gastric Bypass, so that the tonnes of junk food you ingest goes straight to the Colon & out through the rectum before its digested. Also try a Coffee Colonic whereby hot coffee is pumped into your stomach via the rear sphincter. The coffee will wash out the excess manure & fat from your lower intestinal tract

pastor g 1 week ago

mwiri unoda asi homwe inoramba

Phidza 1 week ago

Careful careful doctor pulu kkkkkk

sugar boy 1 week ago

makuzouraya vanhu nema experiment enyu aya


uplexx 1 week ago

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Hapana 1 week ago

asi moti pachinechinhu here madzimai ukooo

nunu 1 week ago

vamwe vanomhanya kuti body idzikire vamwe tinomhanya nenzara kutsvaga chikafu

mnhanga 1 week ago

Zuze Buhera unokuziva here iwe.Usataura zvokushora iwe.Izvezvi ipapo uri zimuZanu futi nekaT shirt kaED kenylon

Andrew 1 week ago

Buhera 07 is lekker

Tigleth 1 week ago

just asking, saka Pastor G vanotorovawo mushini 🍑 here ava

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