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Pastor Befriends, Rapes And Robs Woman

Pastor Befriends, Rapes And Robs Woman

A Church of Christ pastor in Bulawayo recently appeared in court for robbing and raping a woman he had befriended in a bushy area near Entumbane suburb.

Samson Mudimba (37), appeared before magistrate Tancy Dube at Western Commonage Courts where he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Dube remanded Mudimba in custody to 25 January. Dube advised the suspect to apply for bail at the High court.

It is alleged that Mudimba befriended a woman he had boarded a pirating commuter omnibus with.

The complainant intended to go to her home in the Cowdray Park suburb but the kombi broke down near a fuel station at Matshobane suburb and the driver refused to reimburse them.

It is further alleged that the complainant decided to spend the night at her relative’s place in Entumbane suburb.

Mudimba allegedly told the woman that he was a police officer stationed at Entumbane police station and persuaded her into walking with him.

However, along the way, Mudimba allegedly became violent and grabbed the woman by her hand while threatening to kill her if she screamed.

He reportedly raped the woman once in a bushy area and robbed her of US$54, ZW$40 and R20.

Mudimba also forced his victim to surrender her cellphone before walking off and leaving her stranded.

The woman reported the robbery and rape at Entumbane police station.

An investigation by the police led to the arrest of Mudimba.

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Teee 4 months ago

Haha zvipiko nyika yoguma zvayo...maself styled aya achatinetsa chaiko ktodarika zanu mirai muone

Chapwititi Kestombela 4 months ago

Pastors profiting and their profits 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. These so called men of God nowadays, scandal after scandal🤔. Who then will shepherd the sheep??? Zuro uno mumwe ainzi anofarira oral sex 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Huye bodo!!!

TetevaRuru 4 months ago

Mumwezve pastor arikunzi akaba mombe dzaambuya🤔

Makaraba 4 months ago

Mapastor emazuvha aano haameno apindwa nhei havachaita zvechipastor asi vakumanyisana nevanhu vechikadzi kutonoda kutora number one chaiye

Mai TT 4 months ago

Sham kuuya segwai mumoyo muribere nhy poster hamunyare

Bright 4 months ago

Ma pastor aya ummmmm akonzeresa manje

Worried Citizen 4 months ago

Dzemapastor idzi taabhoo hey chiiko chatakuitirwa nevanhu vanozvit vaMwari

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