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Passion Java "Motorcade" Accident Victim Was 17, And Pregnant

Passion Java

The woman who died after she was hit by a vehicle which belongs to Passion Java along Seke Road on Tuesday was a 17-year-old expecting mother.

The victim, identified as Joyce Tandi, died on the spot when she was hit by Java’s BMW X6.

Family spokesperson, Elizabeth Mukaro, told H-Metro that mourners were gathered in Chisipite. She said:

We have been robbed of a girl who showed the potential to do her best.

She sat for her Ordinary Level certificate last year and was yet to get a job.

On the day in question, she was coming from her mother’s place in Waterfalls and had also visited her grandmother in Hatfield.

We are yet to meet the family of the driver involved in the mishap.

Java’s driver, who was driving the BMW X6, was on his way to the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport when the accident occurred.

Java had just flown back home from Tanzania where he had gone for a preaching tour.

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User 1 month ago

Ngubani obenganqaba uma iNkosi isivumile?
Rest on Eternal Peace

🙄🙄🙄🙄 1 month ago

Ko Driver Vacho Haana Zita Here?

Zuze 1 month ago

Driver ndiJava. Ari kuda kuhwanda

mambo chabvonga 1 month ago

hezvoooooooo dhiraivha akauuraya vanhu vaaairi

Fari 1 month ago

Chekutanga n**** nematambudziko
Chechipiri nyaya yangu ndeyekuti @ 17 anga ari pregnant, eish munhu akapa mwana mimba aita lucky. Dai tamusungisa

mk 1 month ago


Advocate 1 month ago

"preaching tour"

...... 1 month ago


kunyo kunyo 1 month ago

shamee...hanzi mwana uyo anga akamitiswa na blue💙......sorry blue💙 for your loss


Childline 1 month ago

2 Crime scenes.
Has the dude who impregnated a 17 year old been arrested?

1 month ago

Uumm shame

Girl Child Networks 1 month ago

What woman?
That is a pregnant child.

Jkk 1 month ago

Zvisiri zvema feminist activisim and rights groups, mukugarisana medu a woman can get married at seventeen . there is nothing wrong there...anyway, mhsrip.

Muzvina Mimba 1 month ago

I have a ask... Is getting pregnant @17 part of her potential to do her best. Soo mwana anga adzingwa kumba akatiburwa nestress kwakucrossa road absent-mindedly...Musadaro vehukama

spy k 1 month ago


spy k 1 month ago


abc 1 month ago

pregnant at age 17 ???????????????

Solanki 1 month ago

@abc, chii chooshamisa ipapo? 17yrs is ideal for marriage, maida azoroorwa rava scrapper??

@abc 1 month ago

haa nhy iwe ukushamisika chiiko ivo amai vako vakanitiswa vari grade6

i 1 month ago

zvohwisa urombo .kana isiri hayo suicide nenhau yenhumbu iyo tinoti zorora murugare musikana

Mazibeka 1 month ago

I reserve my comment. Uhm what business is a seventeen year old pregnant girl doing visiting her mother in water falls and her granny in Hatfield. To me this girl was looking for something. Maybe sadza, why globe trotting like that, in that condition.maybe she was I. Distress. Most possible anga achipopoterwa kunzi wazviona zvaaita. Hezvo maimwana mwana akusisina.

Solanki 1 month ago

Visiting friends and relatives is favourite for many...especially vakadzi vane nhumbu. It's a good pastime.

Nuggets 1 month ago

Reserving yr comment???

Eye witness 1 month ago

Could be a possible suicide considering that she was pregnant at 17 and had just came from possibly notifying her family. She may have been under a lot of stress to be galavanting alone. May her soul rest in peace.

Ellie 1 month ago

Ana. *Nimirod* ndimi munonyenga vana kwama range chionakaaaa

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

Life yemunhu ane mari moves very fast than a poor persons life.... so ve cautious when crossing these roads.

tee 1 month ago


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