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Passion Java Is A Bully, I Stand Up To Bullies - Baba Harare

Passion Java Is A Bully, I Stand Up To Bullies - Baba Harare

Jiti musician Baba Harare, whose real name is Braveman Chizvino, has described ZANU PF sympathiser and preacher Passion Java, born Panganai Java, as a social media bully.

Baba Harare and Java have been exchanging jibes on social media and their “tiff” reportedly escalated after the former urged youths to register to vote.

Java also mocked Baba Harare, describing the musician as a spent force.

Speaking in an interview with NewsDay, Baba Harare said he was not fighting Java to get likes and loves on social media platforms. He said:

Java is a bully. I do not like bullies, particularly on social media. I don’t think Java needs a reason to start antagonising anyone.

We might have bumped into each other on a few occasions, but I don’t know Java personally.

I believe a person should not be silent when insulted by a bully. My responses to him were meant to stand up against the shenanigans of bullies.

Standing up against a bully is out of principle. My true fans understand this and, in fact, they have rallied behind me.

We are encouraged as artistes that when someone is being unreasonably cruel, we should be quiet.

I, however, don’t subscribe to that because sometimes addressing issues is necessary.

Java, like any bully, needs to be addressed. It is evident in the reaction to my retaliation to his nonsense that people are fed up with him.

I think he is a very bad role model to society and his skewed perception of the world is damaging. So, when virtual paths are crossed, I had to tell him.

Baba Harare recently released his seventh album titled Zimbabwean Giant.

The songs on the album are Haubvire, which features Jah Prayzah, Wandibaya Moyo, Ndauya featuring dancehall singer Freeman and Dan Lu P, Madhunamutuna, Munotichengeta featuring gospel singer Munyaradzi Munodawafa, Akanaka, Poto Inopisa featuring Mai Titi, Terera Mitemo featuring dancehall chanter Blot and Wazonditenderedza Pfungwa featuring urban groover ExQ. | NewsDay

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Tintin 1 month ago

passion java ngamboitawo serious ne life...🙄🙄🙄

true that his level of hurombe 1 month ago

is becoming unbearable

😂 try not to laugh 1 month ago

“My Mum told me the best time to ask my Dad for anything was during s.ex. Not the best advice I’d
ever been given. I burst in through the bedroom door saying, ‘Can I have a new bike?’ He was very
upset. His secretary was surprisingly nice about it. I got the bike

Bright 1 month ago

Ma celeb makama tevedzera ka munoita mapenzi ndimi kwavo kunenge kuri kuda kungorira chte otherwise vanototamba vese remember mai titi na java vakaiita fti takazoona vavese

Tino 1 month ago

Passion Java and nyi ni that's y he behaves like a ho most of the times

1 month ago

passion atori chikwambo zvake uya dai Mwari vamuwanira nyasha anotonzwisa tsitsi zvake nekushandiswa kwaanoitwa ikoko dai akaramba akatsoma calaz airohwa chete

👤 1 month ago

kana ivo baba harare vangatadza here kungo kasimudza vokakanda pasi

truth 1 month ago

kanofira pa spot kaye😂😂😂


citizen 1 month ago

ko baba Harare chii nhai guys

truth 1 month ago

munhu zvee, iwe unofunga kuti chii

Xcap 1 month ago

Ndi baba vedu

mukmeric 1 month ago

mweya yengozi inonetsa shuwa

pfacha 1 month ago

Java kakuda kutamba nemarasta zvisizvo manje . tokaridzisa mbira zvamanje manje.

cccc 1 month ago

Java kamnhu kaye kamusa tanist

boss nyemba 1 month ago

java don't do that tobaba Harare owe

tanakastyle 1 month ago

java is entertained Simba rake rakawandira pamuromo sepinjisi

Shelas chims 1 month ago

Java sare kurohwa nevanhu

Sandie 1 month ago

Passion agara ibenzi

lee 1 month ago

semunhu ane mamuslues ngaamusimudze tione

Hk 3 weeks ago

Has Java ngaasadaro hatidi kunzwa kti baba harare hakuchina isu

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