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Passion Java Accused Of Ordering Alleged Mistress To Terminate Pregnancy

Passion Java Accused Of Ordering Alleged Mistress To Terminate Pregnancy

Passion Java, a preacher linked to ZANU PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been accused of ordering his alleged mistress Yolanda Makaya to abort an eight-month pregnancy.

Makaya, who is the young sister to Java’s other alleged girlfriend Hillary, shared a 2.28-minute video on social media claiming Java’s security people had attempted to kidnap her.

Java is married to Lily Tsegaye.

In the video accessible on‘s Facebook page, Makaya further claimed that Java wants the unborn baby dead. She said:

I am eight months pregnant for Passion Java. I acknowledge my wrongdoing and take accountability for my part in all of this.

I just do not feel the repercussions I am facing are warranted at all. My life is in danger, I have had to flee my country because things got so bad that I was being followed and there was even a kidnap attempt.

His main objective is to kill our baby, even at this late stage he says he will not stop at anything until our baby is dead.

I am filled with paranoia, and anxiety and live in a constant state of fear because I always have to be on the move. I was almost drugged to induce early labour.

He has used the powers that be to terrorise and harass those who have tried to help me.

However, some commentators slammed Yolanda for dating a married man. Said Tanisha Mhlanga commenting on the video:

No, you girls like fancy things too much, do not involve us in your problems. Did you not know that he was married when you got involved with him?

Isn’t you would be saying hakuna munhu we munhu? Continue with whatever you were doing.

Watch the video below:

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