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"Parliamentarians To Get COVID-19 Allowance And Cushioning Allowance In USD" - Finance Minister

Finance and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube yesterday announced that Parliamentarians will be getting COVID-19 allowances and Cushioning allowances in United States dollars (USD). The COVID-19 allowance is US$75 while the Cushioning allowance is US$100 per month. Pindula News Presents Ncube’s statement:


Parliamentarians and Staff of the Parliament of Zimbabwe have also had various reviews implemented across both salary and non-cash benefits as follows:-

• Salaries have been increased by at least 100% with effect from 1 July 2022

• Sitting allowances have been similarly increased.

• Government has also introduced a contributory medical scheme where Government will contribute 80% to the Subscriptions, similar to the scheme which is in place for Civil Servants.

• Government has introduced a duty-free importation of a second motor vehicle for use by parliamentarians in their public service work.

• In order to ease transport challenges for employees, Government acquired buses for use by parliament staff. Constituency Visit Allowance

• In the spirit of “Leaving No-One and No Place Behind” in public engagement, Government has recently introduced a constituency visit allowance to improve close relations between elected officials and their constituents and electorate. Fuel is provided to members in all constituencies irrespective of the distance to their Constituencies from the Capital City.

• Members of the Legislature are also being paid the combined USD175.00 per month Allowance comprised of the USD75.00 Covid-19 Allowance and the USD100.00 Cushioning Allowance.

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