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Parliament Summons July Moyo Over Failing Public Transport System

Parliament Summons July Moyo Over Failing Public Transport System

The Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo, would be asked to give a ministerial statement to Parliament soon, to be followed by a debate on the state of public transport in the country, the Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda has said.

This comes after members of parliament expressed concern over the country’s failing public transport system.

State-owned transport company ZUPCO has enjoyed a public transport monopoly since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020 after the government banned privately-owned minibuses (kombis).

However, ZUPCO “has demonstrated incapacity to be able to carry every passenger,” according to Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya (CCC), who was speaking in the National Assembly on Tuesday, 3 May.

Chikwinya urged the government to re-open public transport provision to private players. He said:

As it is, due to a lack of reliable public transport, people are getting home at around 11 PM. People are delaying coming to work up to around 9 AM or 10 AM.

It is causing loss of production time and loss of quality time within people’s homes.

In 2020, the Government directed owners of minibuses (kombis) to join the ZUPCO pool but many refused, and some of those who had joined later withdrew from the ZUPCO franchise due to delays in payments which are made in discredited Zimbabwe dollars.

In his pre-recorded Workers Day message, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the Government will not allow pirate taxis (mushikashika) to take over public transport in the country. He said:

My government is determined to retain the purchasing power of workers, through a viable public transport system.

The government will not stand by and watch while the hard-earned incomes of our workers are stolen by ‘mushika-shikas’ and ‘makoronyera’. No!

You, as our workers, deserve an efficient and affordable transport system so that production time, as well as your family time, is not lost in transport queues. During peak hours, workers must be transported with the greatest ease.

I, therefore, direct authorities at ZUPCO and the responsible ministry to heed this call and bring back order in the sector.

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Chamatama (Nickname) 2 weeks ago

kkkkkkkk @Sadza nhasi wandisekesa. Kunonzi kutambura. Put everything in the hands of God. Zvichanaka chete

Chamatama (Nickname) 2 weeks ago

Why is it my comment are not coming out. Is there something I'm missing to do?

Mkanya 2 weeks ago

Edee must go... Vote him out

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Dont be fooled... This topic has long been debated and complaints has been there since day1, vangoona kuti vakuda kudzosa makombi vakumbotanga vaiisa mu media, zvadziri nyadzi dzekuti Zupco yazvitadza

ADVOCATE 2 weeks ago

mabhazi akaenda kuEpworth uko kwaakaHwinha 😂


MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 weeks ago

Headline pic😅😅😅🙌🙌🙌Pindula never disappoints

2023 let's vote wisely. Izvi hatina kwatiri kuenda nazvo. Kwatakabva ndokwatiri kuenda

🤦 2 weeks ago

transport issue is costing employee to employer trust,you can't be explaining yourself daily to your boss that am late because of transport.
if government could open other sectors to function normal again, why can't they also open private transport sactor.
This refusal of private sector to operate like before will raise eyebrows to many wondering why the government would allow only zupco to operate of which it's failing to meet the demand.
one has to spend an hour or so waiting for transport.
To make matters worse Cowdry park Mganwini route has no zupco combiz or buses,only one bus provide the service only in the morning.
That brings unfairness to the public at large.

SADZA 2 weeks ago

I dont knw vamwe but ini nda ma ma neku tambura muno munyika weduwe hayiwa nda ma ma feya feya ndavuma defeat

SADZA 2 weeks ago

I dont knw vamwe but ini nda ma ma neku tambura muno munyika weduwe hayiwa nda ma ma feya feya ndavuma defeat

SADZA 2 weeks ago

I dont knw vamwe but ini nda ma ma neku tambura muno munyika weduwe hayiwa nda ma ma feya feya ndavuma defeat

🤨🤨 2 weeks ago

Vakatadza kuronga apa ana July dai vakagara vakatenga mabhazi akawanda vozo barner mishika shika nama combi bcz ii transport ka ave ma one nyika yese

bvanyangu 2 weeks ago

mabhazi aripo but management zero

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

as it is clear even in parliament that July Moyo is failing it with his rotten tomatoe party we are looking forward to seeing everyone vorting for the ripe and yellow coloured CCC to get in control of the situation

vote for. CCC
vote for Change

Ngwendeza 2 weeks ago

Guyz 2023 CCC iri kuchigwinha coz everyone arikuchema nema ghost rider ayo

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