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Parliament Should Exercise Its Oversight Role To Prevent Abuse Of Power By Securocrats - Mudenda

Parliament Should Exercise Its Oversight Role To Prevent Abuse Of Power By Securocrats - Mudenda

Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda, yesterday said parliamentary oversight should focus on national security matters to prevent abuse of power by securocrats.

He made the remarks while addressing students at the National Defence University in Harare on Parliament’s role.

Mudenda said in the absence of parliamentary oversight role, “there is a danger of security services misinterpreting their mission and acting like a State within a State, either placing a heavy strain on scarce resources or exerting excessive political and economic influence”. He added:

To bolster national security expansively, Parliament’s oversight role must focus on the multifaceted phenomenon of security such as national food security, health security, socio-economic security, environmental security and human security which are predicated on the respect of religious observance of human rights and freedoms within the government matrix.

Effectively parliamentary oversight has thus become all the more critical to ensure that these responses are devised and implemented with full transparency and accountability.

He said Parliament’s role in contributing to national security should remain sustainable and endure on the tenets of constitutionalism and rule of law. Mudenda added:

Where these legal tenets are flouted with impunity, the result is a skewed national security environment whose consequence is inevitable catastrophic disorder.

The rule of law is a tenet that attempts to protect the inalienable right of citizens from arbitrary and abusive use of State power and force by those who have formed themselves into an oligarchy, the fertile ground for national security.

His remarks come amid allegations that the security chiefs have captured the ruling ZANU PF and are the ones running the affairs of the state.

In a normal setup, the security sector should be non-partisan and there should be a clear separation of powers 

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Machiavelli 3 months ago

A seemingly very bold position that Mr Honourable Speaker Sir has taken. I still have to digest the implications of this statement and the very likely responses it is going to get from concerned parties.

The least I can say is Democratic discourse is not yet dead and buried. Not yet anyway.

Machiavelli 3 months ago

For the umpteenth time, @VYBZ Ketero, I AM NOT MAXWELL

YELLOW CARD 3 months ago

That's the Zimbabwe you fought for, Well done Mr Speaker Sir

zie 3 months ago

where have you been all along. now that your term if office is coming to an end you want to foil us

THE FIEND 3 months ago

This is an ultimate robust statement from Mr Speaker Sir@Mudenda.I believe he's merely sending a signal to nationals and security forces about his actual rightfully standing at the regime.His hands are clean and he's not taking part in unjust sacrifices of citizen political activists. This reminds me of the Biblical Pontus Pilate who washed his hands in the midst of blood thirsty Jews.

S vy 3 months ago

yellow☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ka 1

Maparamuro 3 months ago

The reason why parliament is not doing this important duty is that we elect people who answer to party bosses and are told what to say and not say in parliament.
Chiwenga's subordinates in the party will not challenge him in parliament.
Voters should wake up and elect people who answer to them not party bosses


Da Truth 3 months ago

Mr speaker too late the eggs have rotten 😂😂 🇿🇼 captain makapatisa muchenjere kumanya makarimwa makakoniwa basa Kare Vybz stop provoking Machiavelli u have to on problem ipapo handiti unopeenga wozodzoka .Plus fight kuita van kwete kuuyisa yako yeungomwa yekumba kwako pano Pliz take yo wife to gynecologist for help .Mai Ru needs mo help paane yauri kuita kuvatira nekuswera pa Pindula .Not insulting to marriage problem but wanyanya vana Shadows vakazorora wani .Ka hu re Kaya wani Ellesi kakazorora wani .

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