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Parliament Praises ZINARA Board

Parliament Praises ZINARA Board

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructure Development hailed the Zimbabwe National Roads Authority (ZINARA) board led by George Manyaya on Thursday over the ongoing road rehabilitation works across the country.

In 2021, the Government declared the country’s road network a state of disaster and launched the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme 2 (ERRP2) targeting highways as well as major roads in towns and cities.

However, concerns have been raised over the shoddy workmanship on some of the rehabilitated roads that have already developed potholes.

Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport chairperson Oscar Gorerino praised Manyaya on Thursday after a two-day tour of various road projects and tollgates in the country. Gorerino said:

ZINARA must continue with this new trajectory of rebranding, and ensure there is transparency in their handling of funds.

Millions were lost due to these activities and the previous boards and management were looting.

We are aware of the potential of the board chair (Manyaya) and we hope he will continue exhibiting the corporate governance principles and excellence he has done in other corporations he has been involved with.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Theodius Chinyanga, also showered ZINARA with praises. He said:

We acknowledge the sterling efforts that ZINARA made last year when they disbursed $9.5billion to road authorities.

I am glad that ZINARA has raised the bar higher and set a target of $17 billion for disbursement (for 2022).

The Government has said that contractors awarded tenders under the ongoing Emergency Road Repair Programme (Phase 2) who fail to perform as expected will not be given new contracts in future.

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zinara tollgate monitor 2 months ago

Yes, we have this scenario where it is alleged that funds were disbursed but there is nothing on the ground.
We have to go back to the office and check with records and check what really transpired.
We only got to know about it because of auditors who came here to show them the projects that they said on paper work are complete.
It also emerged that ZINARA officials failed to utilise the ZWL$153 million allocated for the construction of a weighbridge at the Forbes border post last year.

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