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Parliament Gives Minister Coventry Ultimatum To Ensure SRC Reverses Suspension Of ZIFA Board

Parliament Gives Minister Coventry Ultimatum To Ensure SRC Reverses Suspension Of ZIFA Board

Members of Parliament have given Sports Minister, Kirtsy Coventry an ultimatum to ensure that the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has reinstated the suspended ZIFA board led by Felton Kamambo.

SRC suspended the board over allegations of ed administration and sexual assault prompting FIFA to suspend the southern African country over “government interference” with the sport.

In a document titled “The State of football administration in Zimbabwe,” which was presented to Parliament, the Portfolio Committee on Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation said:

The committee expressed its concern on (the) overwhelming public outcry following the ban imposed on Zimbabwe by Fifa.

It is, indeed, in the interest of the public at large and the soccer governing board in particular, to get the country back on the international scene in the world of football. As observed by Fifa, government interference in football matters has far-reaching implications that can undermine the country’s ability to enjoy the potential benefits that can accrue from participating at international fora.

As such, there is need to observe and respect both the national and international statues, rules and regulations governing football administration.

Therefore, the committee implores the SRC to reverse its decision and implement recommendations by Fifa so as to allow the country to participate in international football competitions.

The committee made the following observations: 6.1 by October 31, 2022 the Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation ministry should ensure that SRC board has repealed its decision of;

(a) November 26, 2020 which suspended the Zifa general secretary;

(b) November 16, 2021 which suspended the Zifa board and;

(c) December 17, 2021 which established the Zifa restructuring committee; in order to pave way for the lifting of the ban imposed by Fifa on Zimbabwe from participating in international football competitions.

The parliamentary committee is chaired by Chivi North MP Mathias Tongofa and some of its notable members include acting Zifa president Gift Banda and ex-Zifa vice-president Omega Sibanda.

The parliamentary committee also called for amendments to section 34 of the SRC Act [Chapter 25:15].

An official in the SRC board who spoke in his own capacity said SRC would only be guided by the findings of the forensic audit into ZIFA’s financial affairs which is set to be released soon. The official told NewsDay:

The report is obviously authored by Omega Sibanda, with very little input or even knowledge of the other committee members. It is riddled with embarrassing errors.

The recommendations violate both international and domestic law norms, and display an alarming ignorance of the governance shortcomings within Zifa; luckily Fifa has acknowledged these shortcomings by banning a senior Zifa official for sexual harassment of female referees.

The official said the committee’s recommendations implicitly condone sexual harassment and other corrupt practices within the running of football and tread upon the statutory mandate and independence of the SRC.

The ban has affected players and Zimbabwe has since missed some competitions much to the annoyance of football lovers.

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Mlotchwa 2 months ago

tichareverser kana taisa Kamambo mukati

Steven Chidhumo 2 months ago

This is long overdue. Kungooma musoro kwakauraya bhora remuno, vaye vaiti kamambo should go gather here

🙄 2 months ago

Nhaimi dzorerai Kamambo and Board back panzvimbo. If there are real female referees abuse ko handiti vanobuditsa humbowo vanhu vosungwa. Majaira kusungisa varume vasina mhosva maguruvha chaiwo achinjakaya nenyika.

Kana ana Kamambo vaiba humbowo huripo vanosungwazve zviri pamutemo wenyika FIFA yacho yoona. Majaira kuti ana "Wadyajena and crew" vane dzine humbowo go around scot_free vana Kamambo vane dzekufungira dzisina kana V11 vosasikwa kunga matororo.

Tikuda hedu involvement in international football is even tichigarobikwa hedu.

Blue💙 says 2 months ago

R. I. P Coolio
See You When You Get There

Spectre 2 months ago

😧😧😢😢😢Coolio is dead? That's sad.

@zimyouth 2 months ago

rest in peace means he died.idi'ot.

Zimyouth 2 months ago

Hey Coolio ayita seyi?

Mukanyapazvese 2 months ago

The gangsta is in paradise!
Rest easy Coolio

bvanyangu 2 months ago

bvisai mlotshwa kuti zvifambe

Madam Coventry 2 months ago

I don't have say , even though I understand it is a political game, what should I do .To keep quiet don't yu think is e best or else I cld end up being harassed


Captain Jack Sparrow 2 months ago

The football fraternity is in a state of decay! There are NO structures to promote youth development yet all you cry about is to be seen on the international stand where the warriors perform dismally in such a disgraceful manner, first fix local structures promote youth development build new stadiums then you can talk of the international arena otherwise you are just being st-upid like CCC members...

dispenser 2 months ago

how do yu build new stadium bharanzi

Kamambo 2 months ago

Mukomana uyu ****.e don't.want himw

Biden 2 months ago

Common sense with fifa you dont play hard ball because you will neva win, just reinstate kamambo and its done not these so called audit whose money is it anyway, let fifa do the auditing

Chicken Chimuti 2 months ago

FIFA is autocratic. If there are proven V11 for the offenses the Kamambi board is being charged for then FIFA should be accommodative.

ndunge 2 months ago

avo vamunoti kist ndowost munistr of sports vkavhunduka ganda

Weedman 2 months ago

"SRC suspended the board over allegations of ed administration "..aghh😂😂😂🙉

Chipoko chaTongogara 2 months ago

😂😂😂😂Ed type of administration

Zvinongofanana 2 months ago

ban or no ban

poor zanu majority paryamendi 2 months ago

slow thinkers

Owen 2 months ago

poor zanu,majority in parliament and busy destroying the future and the zanu youths busy celebrating the country's downfall,does zanu allow people to think?


Zimbabwe soccer lovers have already lost participating in very important tournaments.

FIFA has already acknowledged that the Kamambo ZIFA Board has some answering to do by suspending a soccer referee.

The way forward is to wait for the forensic audit which must be made public as soon as possible. SRC should then be guided by the forensic audit.

It does not work to put the Minister of Sports in a tight corner, but to exert pressure on SRC so that their forensic audit is expedited. If the audit comes out saying money was stolen, then Kamambo and his team must be prosecuted.


Yours truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Sabhuku 2 months ago

It's no secret funds are abused at zifa house, but audit inoitwa zvisingavharire bhora panze. Players need exposure thus the investigations into any and all accusations need be done within FIFA protocol.

Hon. Kirsty Coventry 2 months ago

iiih amana hamusi makundipa pressure here?imbondisiyai ndimbofema,varume veZANU PF havasi kunditeerera.mukuda ndiitewo sei?

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