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Parking Fees Increased In Harare

Parking Fees Increased In Harare

Parking fees have been increased in Harare for the fourth time in six months this year and the latest review will see motorists paying ZWL$400 per hour for parking in the Central Business District, up from the current ZWL$300.

The adjustments are with effect from the 1st of July, 2022.

The increase comes exactly a month after the previous one after the local authority raised parking fees from ZWL$190 per hour in May to ZWL300 this month.

This year, City Parking, a private company wholly owned by the City of Harare, first increased parking fees as follows:

i). From ZWL$100 to ZWL$120 in January,

ii). ZWL$120 to ZWL150 in March,

iii). ZWL150 to ZWL190 in May and

iv). ZWL190 to ZWL$300 this month.

The new charges take the fees to more than US$1, according to the official exchange rate, which stands at zw$347,31 as it this Tuesday.

On the black market, the US$1 is valued between ZW$400 and ZW$600.

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Asalif 1 week ago

Parking is now expensive in every city and towns motorists are now opting using public transport when going to the city centres because it's now expensive to do so a lot of costs are incurred fuel,oil, parking meters and wear and tear of tyres so it's better park the car if not in a rush or going to work

daddy 1 week ago

@Asalif u are correct parking in town is expensive imagine u work in town u park from 8 to 4pm so this means u need 8usd per day for 5working days it translates to 40usd ,thats 160usd per month,apa 160usd ndiyo salary yemumwe munhu,in developed countries using personal car is a nightmare parking lots,security,insuarance,car repairs ,car washing etc so most people use Metro buses or Trains to go to work & they drive cars only on weekends

Chiurai 1 week ago

Munonakidzwa chete neku commenter kuti zvakwira. Parking in Cbd has always been a dollar for donkey years. Since mese muchitengesa ma US enyu kumushika shika. Parking is less than a dollar. Thanks to the Zim dollar zvachipa xvakarongekaaa

Tateguru 1 week ago

I don't see the increment here.
Watch the "Every Tuesday" USD to ZWL rates

dispenser 1 week ago

Munhu anotarisira future let's vote to remove these thieves.encourage yr friends, yr relatives . explain in detail about life to liberate ourselves

ngorima mushava 1 week ago

which thieves, because city parking is owned by by City of Harare which is run by CCC council (councillors) ,so tovhotera ZanuPF ka kukanzuru?

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