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Parirenyatwa General Workers Earning ZWL$5 000 Salaries

Parirenyatwa General Workers Earning ZWL$5 000 Salaries

General workers at the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals, who include groundsmen, cleaners, and cooks are reportedly earning as little as ZWL$5 000 a month.

ZWL$5 000 is worth less than US$10 and is not enough to buy ten loaves of bread.

Allied Health Workers Association of Zimbabwe leader Simbarashe Chatyoka said their members have joined the ongoing industrial action by public health workers over poor salaries. Said Chatyoka:

We are in full support of the ongoing strike. We are incapacitated. We have nothing at home, our salaries are too low, we cannot feed our families and we do not even afford our own accommodation.

Some of my members are earning less than ZW$5,000 because they have taken some loans and their salaries are being heavily deducted putting an extra burden on them.

For someone who is getting ZW$5,000 it is very difficult to survive because we pay transport fares in US dollars.

We buy the money on the black market at the rate of US$1 to ZW$600 which makes it really tough for us as lower-grade employees.

Public sector healthcare workers have been on strike since Monday after the Government ignored calls for dialogue for 14 months.

They are demanding that their salaries should be paid in US dollars, among other things.


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Queen Zu 4 days ago

$5000 yese iyo mangu makapinda $600 bond chaiyo

baloyi 5 days ago

we are on honey moon

Tio4 5 days ago

Zwl$5000 net ??? mmmm something is not right ,this needs to be verified by a payslip iam doubting this.

Gr 5 days ago

After loan deductions f. o. o. l

branson 5 days ago

*Minister Of Finance Sprint Out Of Parliament!!*


22 June 2023

By Murisi Baukwa and Susan Moyo

There was drama in parliament as Minister of Finance Prof Muthli Ncube escaped out of parliament at a speed which could easily won a medal at Olympics.

Reliable source say former Minister of Finance Hon Tendai Biti had questioned the logic of having government services paid in USdollar but paying civil Servants in local currency.

Prof Muthli Ncube tried to defend the government policy which angered opposition members of parliament .Hon Tendai Biti said " Mr Speaker with your permission I call upon hon. Members to get hold and search Prof Muthli Ncube.If they find any amount of bond note in his pocket I will give him three mombe dzinotsika naMai Dzvororo."

When some members of parliament moved towards the front bench which is occupied by Minister .Hon Ncube dashed out of parliament at very high speed leaving the house in stitches.

"Mazviona iye unoda kupa vana zvaasingadyi.This man is there to destroy ZanuPF.We are going to lose this election because of this man." a ZanuPF member of parliament shouted in the midst of the confusion.

Mai Ro 5 days ago

Shanduko muzimbabawe shanduko.....simuka zimbabwe simuka..

Iwe neni tine basa....handei tione..


Jamwanda 🏇 5 days ago

And your penchant to attack a system that gives you jobs!!! Yet support services are easily replaceable

Putin 🇷🇺 OG 🐊 5 days ago

zvatakabva ku hondo taiti dzidzai muchiramba,motoita zviripo zviripoo

erry 5 days ago

ko 175usd covid allowance are u getting it or its jus Herald Myth

tallman 5 days ago

getting this salary is not a issue the issue is why are they still going to work

Asalif 5 days ago

zvonzwisa urombo how can they even access loans achipiwa $5.000 RTGS I saw my friend who works there selling his mobile phone on pay day thought he had upgraded but told me he wanted to cover something I was shocked

Dhuterere 5 days ago

tese tikatengesa who will do that job and who will buy from the other one

concerned zimbo 5 days ago

why are they even going kubasa kwacho. anrikutengesa fodya ne airtime is earning better.

HSB 5 days ago

We pay a gross salary. Loan deductions etc are personal.

Maid 5 days ago

Ko makauya henyu kudepartment rangu hamungararamise here mhuri

mzimbo 5 days ago

@maid,kwako hakuna pension, totokusiya uchichengeta vana vedu,tichindongwavha

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