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Parents To Pay Full School Fees For First Term

Parents To Pay Full School Fees For First Term

Parents and guardians will have to pay school fees in full for the 2022 first term even though it is a bit shorter as the opening of schools was delayed by nearly a month due to rising coronavirus infections.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said the days that have been removed from the first term were added to the second and third terms. He said:

We have had cases of parents who have been asking whether the first term is not too short compared to the second term and third term.

The school fees are approved per term and the days that have been removed from the first term have been factored into the second and third terms, so there should be no challenges with the fees. The fees that are approved will be there.

However, school authorities still need to agree with parents and guardians on any increase in fees to be charged for this term, which would then have to be approved by the Ministry.

The first term starts on Monday, 7 February, and ends on 7 April. The term has 45 school days.

The second term will begin on 3 May and runs for 69 days until 4 August, while the third term will have 71 school days from 5 September to 8 December.

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Baba Mufaro 3 months ago

Kana CCC yotonga, education will be free

Wasu 3 months ago

Munongoti kwanga kusina chakati hee chakati kana musingagoni siyai vamwe vazame pane kuramba muchipa excuses

­čĄú 3┬ámonths ago

Ndo paunoona kut panyaya yedzidzo Mugabe was better than Ruka Chivende. Ruka arikuda kut nyika izare zvmadofo zvinozotongwa nevana vake zvakanyarara. Tongotenda maprivate schools varikubata basa

Daily prophecy 3 months ago

Jombo you are correct my brother pamwe hapadi politics bt in terms of governing Mugabe was even better comparing nababa varipo avo dai Mugabe was still alive and in power zvikoro dai zvakavhurwa kudhara WHY AM I SAYING SO government iripo irikudyira imbwa kunyara Mugabe aiva munhu anga asina yese iyoyo yekudyira imbwa kunyara
Mugabe never complained much about sanctions bcoz he gave a middle finger on it and survived whether home away or neutral venue Mugabe aimira nenyika yake without fear

Kkkkkk there is 1 thing you must know Africans covid is real and it is intentionally a war for the world why am l saying this, to begin with a question what are the top power countries in terms of politics economy 1. USA 2. CHINA and so on let me talk about these 2 Covid is from china we all know. Africa is enemy to america and friendly to China and each and every country in africa there's something benefiting for China to prove doubters wrong everyone akaita history muchiri kuziva kadiagram kemaslaves here America ichitora maslaves muafrica for production so and so on ending europe asia watever bt mahistorians vanoziva zvandiri kutaura yakakurisa nyaya yacho saka in short I am saying china mobilised africa backed up by America so their aim is to destroy africans and reign everything it came to pass black death it came to pass HIV bcoz haina kuparadza as expected it came to pass ebola it will come to pass corona bcoz God was in it bcoz it back fired the whole world instead of africa alone

Nyaya yangu pana jumbo if it was Mugabe dai aka acted a little bit fast as zvaakaita on ebola and so on and implementing his restrictions leaving WHO stranded bt nekuda kudyira imbwa kunyara we are behind

31 December when south Africa lifted up its restrictions makaona zvakaita WHO how it acted hanzi omicron its very dangerous silent killer whatever bt yanga yambonzi its symptoms are mild

Research for it lets PRAY,WORK,EAT rotationally to survive AFRICA

Jombo 3 months ago

Iwewe wakaita mweya weOpposition nepazvisiri kushanda ka.....nguva yaMugabe kwannga kusina covid and its not only Zimbabwe that has shut down its schools

The Terraces 3 months ago

It seems as if zvikoro zvavhurirwa kuwana mari through fees.

Imwe Mbeu 3 months ago

Fees ngaikwire, ndini madii ­čśĆ

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