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Parents Seek The Removal Of Cigarette Billboard Just Outside Mpopoma High School

Parents Seek The Removal Of Cigarette Billboard Just Outside Mpopoma High School

Parents of learners at Mpopoma High School in Bulawayo are collecting signatures in an effort to petition authorities to remove a billboard that was erected just outside the learning institution advertising cigarettes.

The billboard, erected at beginning of this month, promotes the Pacific Cigarette brand, the Chronicle reports.

A blogger, Mr Michael Mbele who initiated the plan to petition Government and council to remove the billboard said he is concerned that the billboard could influence children to smoke. He said:

I am seriously concerned about Mpopoma High students because that Pacific billboard will have devastating effects on them.

Mr Allan Moyo who has a son who learns at Mpopoma High School said the billboard sends a wrong message as some pupils are already suffering from drug abuse.

He said it will be difficult for pupils to be advised against substance abuse when they are exposed to such a billboard.

Moyo said he hopes that something positive will come out of their petition.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson Mr Taungana Ndoro told the Chronicle that there is nothing wrong with the advert as long as it carries a message that says ‘smoking is harmful to your health’ as it teaches children that they must not smoke.

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.. 3 weeks ago

ayas. zvimwe zvacho.unotozongopera strong kuti peeee

Manikiniki 3 weeks ago

The parents are right the Billboard should be erected elsewhere not right at the school.

i 3 weeks ago

billboard rakanzi vana dzidzirai fodya here dai riri repolony colcom mairi bvisisa imi sometimes hatisatsvagei nyaya pasina nyaya kwese kwavanofamba havaone vozongoriverengera pachikoro chete itai mushe .itai zvinoita kuti kuve neshanduko

Chimboti Pizza 3 weeks ago

@John wataura mvura, hapana amboti zviri illegal😂

Blue 💙 3 weeks ago

@ maniki, who cares about church?

John 3 weeks ago

Just coz it's not proper doesn't mean it's illegal

Manikiniki 3 weeks ago

You are just arguing for the sake of arguing but can is it proper to advertise Chibuku or Castle larger at the gate of a church. We know we meet these adverts where we go but its no proper to just advertise some products at certain places. How old are you.

Kudakwashe Marongedza 3 weeks ago

Pupils in high schools are now mostly involved in smoking of mbanje the billboard is somehow ideal as it can move the mbanje users to resort to Cigarettes. hahaha

xyz 3 weeks ago

I don't think anyone in a right state of mind would say it's ok to advertise cigarettes to xul chn,of all places,why at the xul gate it's not appropriate,why not at the shopping center?

Tmm 3 weeks ago

Kuyacaca u don't know mpopoma high


mm 3 weeks ago

@manhinginhingi saka ema**** akaiswa munzvimbo dziripedyo nemachurch anoreva kuti endai muno**** muchurch reasoning capacity yemunhu ndoinongodiwa at high unenge watove mature to know what bad and what is right zvimwe kuzongo gaidhwawo zvako asi sarudzo unenge waanayo.mabilboard haana zvaanoreva aya kungoshambadzira vatengi.iwe kubva uchikura imota mhani dzawakaona dzichitengeswa ukabva wanotenga

igwe 3 weeks ago

it must be removed immediately, it's insane to have such a billboard right outside a school, it's lack of common sense for any company to put money ahead of our kids!

Ras Tiraz 3 weeks ago

Cigarettes are also advertised on TV,Newspapers etc.One way or the other chn will be exposed to such advertising. We all grew up watching scud hari yemadzisahwira adverts o ZTV during prime time and not all of us ended up as drunkards in adulthood

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