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Owen Ncube Pulls Out Of ZANU PF Midlands Race

Owen Ncube Pulls Out Of ZANU PF Midlands Race

State Security Minister Owen “Mudha” Ncube has reportedly pulled out of the race for the ZANU PF Midlands provincial chairmanship.

Ncube had earlier indicated his intention to challenge the incumbent, Daniel Mackenzie Ncube but he is now supporting former national youth league deputy secretary member Edson Chiherenge Chakanyuka for the post.

ZANU PF Midlands provincial structures are reportedly split along factional lines, with one faction behind Local Government minister July Moyo, while the other faction has backs minister in the President’s office Joram Gumbo.

Mudha belongs to the July Moyo camp while Mackenzi-Ncube belongs to Gumbo’s faction, according to insiders. A source told

The tussles must be understood in their proper context. We are hearing that Cde Chiherenge is going to run for the provincial post to replace Mackenzie.

However, it must be known that Mackenzie himself is not a pushover. Mackenzie is well respected within the provincial party structures. Even the president has high regard and trust for Cde Mackenzie.

The issue is not about Cde Chiherenge assuming the chairman post, it is about minister Moyo controlling the province.

He needs someone he can trust to do his bidding once elected provincial chairperson. Their view then is that Chiherenge is a perfect man for the job and this is why Mudha has had to drop out.

Last month Moyo stirred up a hornet’s nest after he met with perceived faction ring leaders Mudha, Chiherenge and Vongai Mupereri among others at his farm outside Kwekwe where they reportedly hatched a plan to wrest control of the province.

The meeting prompted Mackenzie-Ncube to issue a statement calling for unity in the party while castigating tribalism and individualism.


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