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Over 5,000 Zimbabweans are using this app to read news on their phones without data

Over 5,000 Zimbabweans are using this app to read news on their phones without data

At least 5,000 Zimbabweans are now using the Pindula mobile app to read the news on their phones even when they don’t have any data.

The app allows Econet subscribers to use it without buying any data.

Commenting on the app, a Pindula executive said:

We are very happy that more and more Zimbabweans can now read news on the internet without needing to buy data for it.

Access to the internet and to the news online is important and affordability must not keep others out. Along with the mobile operators in the country, we are humbled to be helping solve this problem.

As expected, initially a lot were skeptical that this was possible, but as people started using it they realised it’s true. Once someone begins to use the app, they spread the word.

Our wish, this Christmas season is that even more people discover this app. We are counting on the Pindula community to help spread the word to their friends and family.

The app can be downloaded on Google Play Store using this link

To enable easy download and so that it doesn’t take up too much space, the app is just 1.8 MB.

Aside from allowing users to read the news, the app also enables them to buy airtime, pay for their Nyaradzo premiums and also access a Buy & Sell platform.


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Gudo Gudo 2 months ago

Thank you so so much Pindula

Fasto 4 months ago

Pliz tipeiwo fixture yeku Afcon(Cameroon)

Seeker 5 months ago

Munotendwa pindula

RKT 5 months ago

Thank you so much Pindula, keep it up

Mudziviri Anorld 5 months ago

Iam willing to read news

Moses Gwaunza 5 months ago

Please I love pindula free data news


Outlaw 5 months ago

Hope u protect us from the recently signed cyber security's hard not to criticize anything especially the leadership in zim

Thando 5 months ago

Siyabonga Pindula

Patrick Magorimbo 5 months ago

Well done Pindula for the platform ,may you also include a jobs column

Moses Gwaunza 5 months ago

True continue with the good work you are doing

Kakistocracy 🤣Muchakaka 5 months ago

Ndinotenda Pindula.

Fortune Muchuchuti 5 months ago

Informatively resourceful. I'm actually disappointed that only 5000( or a number within that range) readers have access to this interesting platform.

Fortune Muchuchuti 5 months ago

Informatively resourceful. I'm actually disappointed that only 5000 readers have access to this interesting platform.

samanyika 5 months ago

Thanks pindula

Gringo 5 months ago

Thank you

Mandizvidza Juliet 5 months ago

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Max 5 months ago

Thank you So much Pindula

Chamatams 5 months ago

Thank you Pindula News. Award winning platform for people. I enjoy exchanging comments and enjoy knowing what is happening in Zimbabwe and other countries.

😪😪 5 months ago

Ichanzi I political platform izvezvi so kk

Print Media 5 months ago

Siyabonga for overtaking mass media

Analyst 5 months ago

Siyabonga Pindula!

Munyah wemaSolar 5 months ago

Thank you Pindula for this wonderful platform of verified news keep the good work up. It has also an interactive face for buying and selling.

Makotowe cedisani 5 months ago

Ummm uku ndokugonaka...dai maramba makadaro

baba jairos machingambi 5 months ago

Pindula be blessed,munobetsera pa news kuvarombo nesu harawha n dzisati dzichasebenza nevarikuruwa,keep it up Mwari vanokomborera vanotsitsi ne nherera,chirikaadzi ne harawa nebarombo ,pamberi nemi

Kanda 5 months ago

Pindula ndoozvo 👊👊👊sando dzako

Baba dodo 5 months ago

Thank you very much pindula God bless you..... forever and forever

Thomas mapamula 5 months ago

zvakanaka izvi

Tucker Carlson 5 months ago

Are they any other free sites in Zimbabwe

Vickela 5 months ago


Imwe mbeu 5 months ago

Yes, quite a few

Jah man 5 months ago

Thnx Pindula ,would you give us more soccer results

Gogodera 5 months ago

Thanks pindura nekutiipa news

chivhu mudhara 5 months ago

Thanks Pindura👍

Imwe mbeu 5 months ago

Boe here


Thanks for this informative platform we are reading good news

MaSheff 5 months ago

Enjoying free news.Thanks Pindula

Amai kyle 5 months ago

Thanks pindula

Mamoe 5 months ago

Thanks pindula may God bless you
We are enjoying really

Pasi Nemhanduuuuuuuu 5 months ago

Thanks Pindula.

Alec Khanye 5 months ago

Thanks pindula news

mutowo 5 months ago

Apa makatigonera Pindula

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