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Over 50 Matabeleland North Schools Register Zero % Pass Rate At Grade 7

Over 50 Matabeleland North Schools Register Zero % Pass Rate At Grade 7

A total of 51 primary schools in Matabeleland North recorded a zero per cent pass rate in the 2021 Grade Seven public examinations. 

The number was a slight improvement from 2020 when a total of 85 schools in the province recorded a zero per cent pass rate. 

According to the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education grading, if a pupil obtains seven units and above per subject, it is considered a failure, while six units and below is considered a pass. 

The statistics showed that 20 of the schools that recorded a zero per cent pass rate were satellite while 31 were registered schools.

According to the statistics, the largest number of schools that performed dismally last year were in Bubi where 14 schools recorded zero per cent pass rates.

The second most affected district was Lupane with 13 schools obtaining zero per cent pass rate (12 registered and one satellite).

The figures showed that Binga, which has traditionally performed poorly over the years, had the least number of schools with zero per cent pass rates; only one. 

In terms of overall pass rate, the province recorded 38.48 per cent based on units and 22.36 per cent based on subjects. 

The pass rate was below the national figure of 41.3 per cent announced by the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) when results were released last month. 

According to ZIMSEC, the total number of candidates who sat for the 2021 Grade 7 examinations was 325 573, which was a 0.6 per cent decrease from the 2020 entry of 327 559. 

Director of Advocacy and Communication in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Mr Taungana Ndoro confirmed the Matabeleland North Grade seven results trend. 

He said while the figures might indicate a worrying trend, the Government was encouraged by the improve in pass rate in the province and expected even better performance as issues that had been affecting schooling in the province are addressed. 

The main challenge, according to experts, has been the human capital challenge. Most schools have a shortage of teachers as they shun them due to poor infrastructure. 

At some schools, the few teachers are forced to teach many grades due to staff shortage. 

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major Seer1 2 months ago

mandebele hoyeeee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Major Seer1 2 months ago

It Never Rains in Zimbabwe,lt Pours🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

FACT: Every kid who wrote last year in Bulawayo is a Danda head or vhurukomu or Dumbass.


Jinx 2 months ago

😅 cry my beloved country.


twanyura 😂 2 months ago

ava ndovanoziva zvavanopindira muclass.. kana wanyimwa Mari semudzidzisi misteach🤧😂😁🤣 the learners and get zero percent pass rate

EG PFUUU 2 months ago

Yah teach wrong stuff kkkkk kusvika pay yanaka pamberi ne ZANU-PF

Idd 2 months ago


Santa 2 months ago

@screwpata ,,u are correct that's the biggest challenge

c m 2 months ago

Mdidi yenu lina Bantu bestshabini unsebenz yiku loya

major Seer1 2 months ago

wobva watoona kuti mascoopdhonoro acho Ari empty 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Phidza 2 months ago

Hapana zvozikamwa apa amandeks vakaora musoro kkkk

Courage 2 months ago

WashayA iwe unozivei🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Gdg 2 months ago

Gxfh ghggggg ffh

Gdg 2 months ago


Mthembo 2 months ago

Tshona lothuvi

Tanu Mark Finnity 2 months ago

Do what when the govt is failing to give our teacher a decent salary. And why did the children fail it's because our govt is refusing to except that it cannot deliver buy they busy putting their kids in expensive diasporian schools whilst our kids are suffering from bad results

Fff 2 months ago



Pinkpig-Lilliputians 2 months ago

MaNdebele ane basa nazvo here zvechikoro izvi. Havanei nazvo. Vakatoona kuti hazvibatsiri kuita mbiri yekudzidza imi muchitambura.
Bigup Ndebele Kings and Queens for such demonstration of academic massacre. Education means nothing in this land. We have plenty of educated, suffering blubbermouths all over Zim.

nhingi 2 months ago

man you so cheap. I think whoever is running this application (pindula) should be worry of offensive and inappropriate language which is oftenly used. some people are taking the advantage of this app to show their tribalistic tendencies. after all this kind of information arikutoiwana because kune vanhu vakasarudza kudzidza. ndopowoona someone busy kuwatata. PINDULA do something!

Screwpata 2 months ago

its so sad u look down upon the Ndebele in such a manner .
of late parents hv had problms wth non-Ndebele speaking teachers trying to teach our language , u find students speaking mixed languages for example "asi uyahamba esontweni?" what does ASI mean in iSiNdebele ? Some teachers cant even pronounce xakuxaku , inqola , iqanda , the list is endless . Go to any school in Mashonaland n ask teachers to speak ChiShona all of them wl speak the language . When we demand ONLY Ndebele speaking teachers in our region we are labelled TRIBILISTS kanti asikho , we hv Ndebele speaking teachers seating at home . I personally taught TjiKalanga and Im a proud Kalanga , I taught the language at Primary school . There were over a dozen teachers who couldnt speak a single word of IsiNdebele or TjiKalanga at my school . Now how do u expect those kids to learn even their own language frm some1 who cant even speak the language ???

Mthembo 2 months ago


nhamoinesu 2 months ago

Do something pliz

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