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Over 430 Farmers Fined Between US$100 & US$10K For Neglecting To Destroy Tobacco Stalks

Over 430 Farmers Fined Between US$100 & US$10K For Neglecting To Destroy Tobacco Stalks

About 432 tobacco farmers were arrested and prosecuted and fined in the last four months for mostly failing to destroy tobacco stalks by the stipulated May 26 deadline.

The highest fine was US$10 000, while others ranged between US$100 and US$1 000.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Online, Tobacco Research Board (TRB) public relations and communications officer Mr Tatenda Mugabe said:

For 2022 alone, from May, a total of 432 people have been convicted for violating the regulations.

Inspectors from Plant Quarantine Services Institute in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development are deployed in all tobacco-growing regions with a mandate to inspect compliance.

Of the 432 that were arrested, 425 growers were fined for not destroying tobacco stalks before the deadline of May 26.

Statutory Instrument (SI) 121 of 2019 stipulates that tobacco growers should adhere to all legislated dates to prevent and reduce the carryover of disease and pests.

The Plant Pests and Diseases Act [Chapter 19:08] states that stalks act as a host for diseases and pests like nematodes and spider mites hence destroying them starves the pests.

Violation of Statutory Instrument (SI) 121 of 2019 can attract a fine, conviction, or both.

Other Important legislative dates:

i). The earliest date for sowing seed is 1 June ii). The earliest date for transplanting is 1 September iii). The last day of destroying all seedbeds is 31 December

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Jembi 1 month ago

It's well known these stalks should be destroyed by a certain date, ndopaunoona kuti wakarimira pasina if you are fined $10000usd,even ukasara nezhinji mari iyoyo inorwadza stereki kungoenda because of negligence

@ jembi 1 month ago

why do they fail to destroy the stalks? does it cost money? failing to understand the negligence.


It may seem meaningless to cut tobacco stalks by the required date.

It reduces the value of tobacco leaves if stalks are not destroyed quicky. The stalks must be cut and burnt. There are some diseases which thrive in dried stalks and affect the next crop. This will reduce the quality of the next crop.

TIMB must increase their effort in ensuring that all stalks are destroyed by the due date.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

1 month ago

Murimi haangamboita simba rekubvisa magunhi mumunda iye asati apihwa mari yake yefodya yaakasotengesa June . Imi veTMIB itayi kuti maCompany asati apa varimi Mari dzavo vavape . Ini ukasvika kwangu kumunda ndokuisa demo coz ndakatsamwa

mudhumeni 1 month ago

which companu is this which ddnt payup the tobacco from the farmer

1 month ago

Voedsel Campany Rusape and Marondera varimi havasati vapihwa Mari dzavo nanhasi

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